Six Intellectual Faculties

An amazing list of six intellectual faculties that is being used at its best by all the successful men and women of the past and the present. Understanding them clearly is what will determine our names being part of those success stories for the future.

  • Imagination

Your ability to create a new possibility in your life that does not currently exists. The formation of any success starts with imagination. If you are able to imagine yourself doing what you want, you will most certainly do it. Do you know the best part of imagination? There is no restriction on it, anything that you imagine will be correct as it is YOUR imagination.

What is the level of your imagination?

  • Perception

Our perception of different things in life tell us how we view things to be in life. The way a person perceives his/her surroundings is the way that he/she will then act accordingly. A positive perception will always create more opportunities for the person to take advantage of, but it would not always be right in the front and would require some change in mindset and the way things are being looked at.

Start with a sincere desire to have a positive perception and focus on the happenings, you will be able to start seeing things differently.

How do you want things to be perceived as?

  • Will

Our will has the ability to make us focus on what we really want in life. The reason why “will” sometimes does not give an entirely positive association as we tend to be creating effort on things that we are not really excited about and thus it takes much more effort to focus on it.

Find the time to look for what you are passionate about and get buckled up to be able to create enough will that can propel you towards the level that you want to reach.

What is the strength of your will right now?

  • Reason

Reasoning is the logical part of your mind, the development and use of this is key but making over-using it usually leads us to be too logical and avoid doing many things that we should be doing thus faling in the Knowing-Doing Gap. The Knowing- Doing Gap says that we know everything that we need to do, but we don’t do out of what we know. Simple concept, great wisdom in it. All you need to do is to take action irrespective of your current level of knowledge while keeping your attitude positive.

How effectively to you use your reasoning skills?

  • Intuition

We all have two voices, the outer and the inner. Outer is the one that we use our mouth for and the inner is what comes from our heart also known as intuition. The answer to all the complex situations in the case of a draw comes from our intuition. If you are unsure about doing Project A or Project B, go with what your intuition says and it is coming from your heart and not your mind.

How often do you make decisions based on your intuition?

  • Memory

Memory can be a useful tool if it is used to a limited extent, going beyond that level is what creates hindrance towards your imagination. The use of memory should only be done to figure out the “How” part of your success in which skills & specialized knowledge can be used, the mistake of bringing memory into “What” and “Why” areas of your life is what will create obstacles for you to achieve beyond current reality.

What use do you have for your memory in your present life?

Source by Afiq Ahmed Hasan

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