Simple Solution to Squash Global Warming

Global Warming has become a huge issue these days. What most people do not realize is that global warming and cooling is a cycle that the earth has gone through for millions of years. Right now, the earth is in its warming phase and us humans are accelerating that phase to a pace that the earth may not be able to cope with. In fact the earth is warming faster than it ever has in the past, due to human emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

What can we do? There are all kinds of things; creating new technology that reduces the output of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere seems to be all the hype. Using wind energy, solar panels, hybrid cars, water power, but there is a simpler, easier, low cost solution that is often overlooked, Planting Trees.

Imagine how many trees humans have removed from the Earth, or just in the US alone, over the past 2000 years, to build our cities, homes, and farms.

Now is the time to do something about it and every tree counts, here are some interesting facts and figures:

oTrees provide shade and shelter, reducing yearly heating and cooling costs by 2 billion dollars.

oIn one year, a single tree can absorb as much carbon as is produced by a car driving 26,000 miles.

oIn 50 years one tree recycles more than $37,000 worth of water, provides $31,000 worth of erosion control, $62,000 worth of air pollution control, and produces $37,000 worth of oxygen.

oBy cooling the air and ground around them, the shade from trees helps cool the Earth’s temperature.

oOne person causes about 10 tons of carbon dioxide to be emitted a year. One tree removes about 1 ton of CO2 per year. So, planting 10 trees per person will remove each that person’s carbon debt for the year.

Now is the time to do your part to help curb global warming! For more information on topic, for our views on this topic, or to donate to a worthy cause, go to For every $2 you donate, will plant one tree in the US where it is needed most Our short term goal is to plant ONE MILLION trees in the US.. Imagine if all 300 million people in the US just planted one tree. The impact on the global environment would be HUGE!

oONE MILLION trees would remove ONE MILLION tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere per year.

oMultiply that number by 300…

oEach tree planted for $2 is worth $167,000 in 50 years. Look at that ROI for the environment!

Source by Ryan Rodgers

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