SEO and Product Life Cycle

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important online marketing activities in order to popularize a product on the Internet and generate sales. However if you analyse a lot of success stories you’ll realize that it is the right time in the PLC or product life cycle when you need to capitalize on. While a lot of people consider SEO as a totally different aspect, there exists a complex relation between the ranking on the search engine and the product life cycle curve.

If you go by the PLC curve there is a proportional growth in the product sales in the initial periods which is usually termed as the Introduction and Growth periods after which there is a stability during the Maturity period and finally comes the Decline. The general practice is that when you reach the maturity for a specific product you innovate and add on in order to take the product to a new level and ensure that its demand remains high.

The same can be applicable while you are doing SEO. When you start with SEO, you have a set of keywords for your website. Before the launch of the services or the products you start optimizing your site and then once you are at your peak you will observe a proportional growth. For every increase in the rank you’ll get equal rise in the visitors and thus the customers. However once you reach the top page you’ll see that over a period of time there are diminishing returns because you already have attained the maximum capacity with the existing keywords and set up. Now, before you go toward the decline, its the time you start innovating your SEO campaign.

It is the time you started looking at diverse keywords and different opportunities that lie within your expertise. You can surely not change businesses, you might either add a service but even that is quite a task these days hence you can go for adding keywords and continue working. In this way the decline stage will not appear for your company SEO if you implement the PLC graph correctly to your web based business model.

All this is only possible if you have a long term vision, impeccable planning and detailed research. Without even one of them you might end up short of where you want to be hence it is crucial that you impart equal importance to all these aspects.

Source by Jai Bhujwala

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