Segment Intending and Virtual Reality Explained

I was asked to explain the process of Segment Intending as well as the process of Virtual Reality. These processes were created by Abraham-Hicks. In order to understand these processes you must first comprehend the mechanics of the Universe. We are physically integrated on a vibrational level with our environment. The basic component part of all things is energy. The structure of energy is vibration. Our environment is constructed from this vibration. Each individual part of the Universe vibrates at different frequencies. These frequencies are energy signatures. Energy signatures interact with each other creating the illusion of a physical reality moving in a linear timeline.

Our energy signatures originate from our higher self, source self, or over-soul as some may call it. This over-soul is a part of the Divine Energy, God, or Universe. We manipulate our environment through the cooperative interaction of our energy signatures and the vibrations around us. Similar energies are attracted to each other. So in order to change your circumstances you have to change the energy signature you are putting out.

Our energy signatures match our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. It is through the process of knowing that manifestations occur. We have to direct our environment not react to it. This is easily accomplished by the process of Segment Intending and Virtual Reality. Segment intending is a strong focusing technique that is used to intentionally control our environment whereas Virtual Reality is a process that sets up a series of events pre-paving the future.

Segment Intending

Segment intending is a foundational technique that we can go back to as we would a trusted family recipe. Motivational speakers tell us the importance of having goals broken down into manageable pieces. When we speak about manifesting our desires we tend to think about long term goals and overlook the simple day to day processes. If I were to ask you what you want to manifest you may respond by mentioning abundance, marriage or healing. Having a safe trip to work is a manifestation. Meeting a new friend today is a manifestation. Being on time, having fun, enjoying the meeting are all manifestations.

Waking up in the morning is a segment. So is jogging, getting ready for work, eating breakfast, commuting, working, playing, conversations and etc. Each moment of your day is a brand new segment. Focusing on these moments is the key. This is what is termed; Living in the Now. It may all seem tedious but this Now Moment is all we ever have. Set an intention for each new Now Moment. A quick prayer, affirmation statement or thought is all it takes.

This will become second nature after awhile and is well worth the initial effort to learn and apply. There will always be moments that are unpleasant for us and this simple technique will save you a lot of unneeded frustration.

Virtual Reality

When we were children our imagination was vivid and realistic. It was easy for us to wander off in make-believe for hours at a time. This is the place in our minds where we must return. Our bodies and our environment cannot tell the difference between the energy we create through Virtual Reality or our physical senses. For our subconscious mind, there is no difference. It creates within our bodies the identical response. Studies have proven that athletes who imagined practising were just as effective as those who actually practised. All of the same muscle fibers fired as if they were in use.

Virtual Reality is simply the process of daydreaming. Directed imagination in order to produce and emotional response. It only takes a few moments to be very effective. I personally find it most beneficial to do cardio exercise at the same time because my body and mind are generating energy together.

Whatever you can imagine has literally been created for you and is waiting for you to line your energy signature up with it. Once you learn these simple processes results come quickly, synchronous events will reflect back to you where you are in relation to your manifestation. But that’s another article.

Happy Manifesting.

Source by Christina T Moore

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