SAMSUNG S2770 Ultra B – Review


With 114 x 46.3 x 11.8 mm body size this phone is sleek and slim to look and feel. This lightweight handset is so compact fit into any size pocket. More important feature of the outward body of the handset is its D-Pad key board, which smoothly and efficiently manages button operations. To the right side of the set you can find USB port and camera button delicately fixed, adjacently. Likewise the left hand keys are also used for volume management and up and down movement of menus and sub-menus.


Samsung S277o has pivotal feature that is the AMOLED display with 2.2” QVGA Screen which made it distinct from other key competitors. That helps in displaying things in better and clearer way. It has a 4X3 grid display of items ion the screen and most importantly it changes the background wallpapers according the weather and the country location. With a metallic finish, decent look-and-and -feel, wider features this mobile is popularly known as Ultra CLASSIC, Lucido and Eltz etc. through out the world.


The most important feature of this phone is its camera using which you can capture quality images and record videos. With the help of a v5 MP auto focus camera of LED flash and Smile detection, this camera can capture ever best images.


This mobile embedded with a classic feature that is the memory capacity. It is coming with a MicroSD card of 16GB, which highest till date in the market. With huge memory capacity you can store loads of audio, video, images, 500 SMS, 30 push messages and 200 broad cast messages.

Internet Connectivity:

With this handset you can browse internet with and smoothly. This set is compatible with USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0 and GPRS system which help in accessing internet efficiently. You can even get the benefit of 3G connectivity with the help of HSDPA. You can send emails and MMS by using this browser. For this it can manage up to 5 user accounts of POP or IMAP.

Entertainment Media:

This handset supports a wide range entertainment media such, music player, FM radio and Video player. The sound quality and clarity impressive and it come with filtering track of music- name of the album, and composer and singer. It also supports MPEG4 files with clear picture quality. The FM radio is also gifted with some advanced feature through which you can access music a

Source by Anil R Kumar

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