Samsung Galaxy S Update – 5 Major Pitfalls That You May Not Know About Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II

This Samsung Galaxy S Update brings up the issue of 5 major drawbacks of Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II that I would like you to be aware of when shopping around for the right phone. Despite the fact of being celebrated for it’s probably the best screen among all the modern phones out there, yet there are 5 critical elements of this Samsung Galaxy S Update when analyzing Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II, and they are as follows:

1. During an active use, it tends to heat up quite easily. This could be justified with the fact that it contains 1.2GHz dual-core CPU along with an extremely powerful GPU. Another logical reason for this heating up issue may be linked to its ultra thin shape which could therefore be very understandable and tolerable in case you really are a passionate Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II fan.

2. As for using some applications installed in the phone, it turns out to be displaying images in 16-bit color rather than 32-bit one which is especially the case with the browser. This usually may be obvious and noticeable when using clear colors along with gradients, for example. One of the most effective ways you could sort out this matter is that you simply visit some well established XDA-developers forums for Samsung Galaxy S II in order to collect more information on this. At any case, this is nothing much to be worry about as it’s actually related to a technical software issue that could well be sorted out through using its future versions.

3. If you are used to having phones covered with metal and similar material, then you might become slightly disappointed for the fact that this phone’s front cover is made of full glass on one side, whereas its back is covered with a textured plastic material on the other side. Anyway, despite the fact it seems to look like a toy, fortunately there are no any issues with the material fragility because its assembly is pretty solid and of a top quality.

4. By now it comes with Android 2.3.3. that just may imply that doesn’t run any later Android versions which you might be expecting to use. In other words, you will be deprived of voice and video chat facilities of Google Talk. As far as Google Voice is concerned, US citizens should not be worried because it can be easily installed in the Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II phone. If you are one of those who prefer stock, you could become slightly unhappy with the fact that Android is not stock but actually Samsung’s TouchWiz.

5. Finally, the battery life of Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II is unfortunately not long-lasting. One of the obvious and understandable reasons for it might be the fact that it runs and uses quite a few tiny but mighty pieces of high-tech stuff such as the above mentioned power-demanding and energy-consuming software and hardware. Therefore, make sure that you remember to recharge the battery in the evening before going to sleep as it actually lasts for about one whole day.

Source by Bruno Babic

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