Role of Planet Mars in the Vedic Astrology – The Action

The Mars or ‘Red Planet’ is considered as the commander-in-chief among nine planets. It is a hot, dry and male planet, also known as the ‘God of War’. It is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs. It usually spends about two months in each sun sign. It is smaller than the Earth and just double the size of the Moon. It is also one of the nearest planets to the Earth. In the Vedic astrology, it is considered as the son of the Earth or ‘Bhumi Putra’, and the significator of the brother. Its direction is south, the gem is Coral, and metal is Gold & Copper.

Due to its fiery nature, it signifies anger, energy, passion, and determination. It makes you aggressive, courageous, fearless, and violent. This planet is full of energy, however, your natal chart and planetary positions will decide if this energy is constructive or destructive. The Mars driven people take charge of anything without giving it a second thought. As in the case of Aries, the sun sign ruled by the Mars, Aries people are very impulsive and want what they want, no discussion and no logic, end of story.

In your body the Mars rules the muscular system, sex organs, bladder, head, face, left ear, burns, accidents, influenza, kidneys, inflammatory conditions. Professionally, it represents the military, surgeons, sportsmen, warriors, blacksmiths, etc. In Vedic astrology, Mars represents the Tuesday which again represents the Lord Hanuman. It is believed that worshipping Lord Hanuman on Tuesday ease the bad effects of afflicted Mars.

There is a story in the Hindu mythology, according to ‘Padma Purana’, once a drop of perspiration from ‘Lord Vishnu’s’ brow falls on the earth and from the energy of that drop, a red colored person, the Mars, is born. He then wins over ‘Lord Brahma’ with his hard worship and secures a position in the planets.

According to Indian mythology, following Vedic rituals is recommended in order to minimize the ill effects or increase the good effects of the Mars as per one’s convenience:

  • Since Red is favorite to the Mars, donating a piece of Red cloth on any Tuesday is an ideal proposition.
  • One should wear the Coral ring made of Gold or Copper in the Index or Ring finger.
  • One can also wear Gold or Copper ring to bring beneficial results.
  • Observe fast on Tuesdays. It is very effective to get the grace of the Lord Hanuman.

Source by Matthew Farnandes

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