Resistance is Futile – What You Resist, You Empower

What you resist will persist. This is not just a cliché. Quantum physics is demonstrating quite clearly that what we put our attention on becomes more real and you cannot resist something without giving it your attention. In fact, when you resist something you are empowering it.

Ever wonder why those patterns we resist in life (i.e. weight, illness, struggle, poverty) continue regardless of our efforts to change them? When the motivation is to “fix” or “change” something that we judge as “wrong” or “bad”, we actually empower it to continue in our lives.

How can this be? It can be helpful to take a peek behind the curtain at what we define as reality.

By definition we say that “reality” is anything that has the quality or state of being “real.” And we define “real” as that which is genuine, not imaginary; that which exists.

What we may come to realize (i.e. make real), as scientists of all fields are discovering, is that we do not have adequate language to describe, or even distinguish, that which is “real” from that which is “not real.”

Over time, what we have decided is real and what is not real has changed dramatically. The key word here is “decided.” When we decide that something is real (to realize) it becomes real for us. When enough people (or the “right” people), especially those with credentials, agree that something is real, we as a population accept it without question.

Once we decide that something is real, we “discover” proof that we are right. It happens sometimes that we then discover “proof” that we are not right. This can create quite a dilemma if we don’t realize that we are the deciding factor in what is real and what is not real.

Let’s take a closer look…

Matter is defined as a collection of particles that we call atoms. Everything physical is made up of atoms. Atoms can be a difficult concept to “realize.” It can be helpful to use an analogy. If a baseball were enlarged to the size of the Earth, the atoms that comprise the baseball would be about the size of cherries. Trillions upon trillions of atoms combine to form that which we call physical matter.

Taken a step further, it can be enlightening to realize that atoms, those little things that everything physical consists of, are mostly empty space. At the core of each atom is a nucleus (made up of neutrons and protons) that contains vast amounts of energy (i.e. nuclear energy). According to Albert Einstein, matter is energy and energy is matter. Again, an analogy can be helpful. If an atom were enlarged to the size of the Earth, the nucleus at the core of the atom would be about the size of a cherry.

That which defines the circumference or outer edge of an atom is an “orbit” of electrons. The electrons don’t actually orbit the nucleus, however. Instead they blink in and out of existence “somewhere” within a potential orbit. Everything else besides the nucleus and the electrons is empty space. Quantum physics has further demonstrated that the nucleus is mostly empty space as well (the analogy of the cherry continues).

Here’s a mind blower…the “empty space” within one atom has now been mathematically proven to contain a trillion times more creative energy than all the matter across 20 billion light years of the universe! But wait…there’s more! We influence this creative energy with our intention! Intention is how we direct our attention.

The energy of an atom, it’s electrons and nucleus, exists sometimes as a wave function, which is non-physical (non-local), and sometimes as a particle, which is physical (local). This gives the impression that they blink into and out of “existence.” What determines whether they exist or not? We do.

Quantum physics is demonstrating that the “act of observing” literally changes that which is observed. It is the act of observation (extending one’s attention toward) that causes an atom to change from a non-physical wave function to a physical particle.

Can you get the power of this?

When you put your attention on something you are literally creating matter – changing waves to particles. How do you put your attention on something? You decide. When you decide, you create. Perhaps the phrase “We create our own reality” is not metaphorical but precise.

So let’s summarize what we’ve looked at so far. Matter is made of atoms. Atoms are mostly empty space yet contain unimaginable amounts of energy. Atoms blink into and out of existence as attention is supplied and removed. We decide, at some level, where to put our attention and therefore, what is “real” in this moment. We literally “realize” matter.

This brings us back to where we began… what you put your attention on becomes more real and you cannot resist something without giving it your attention. When you resist something, you empower it.

If you want to make changes in your life, make peace with “what is” and choose what you prefer. Give more attention to what you want than to what you don’t want. Every time you complain or repeat the story about what you don’t want, you are making it more real in your life.

May you realize all that you prefer.

Source by Shelia Norling

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