Product Review: Canon Medical Aquilion Prime SP CT System

With a capability to generate 160 unique slices per rotation, Aquilion Prime SP CT system is designed to increase throughput and reduce exam time. The highly efficient and AI-based CT scan system can save about 30-40% of diagnostic time of physicians and create a safe hospital environment leveraging rapid decontamination system.

The sudden outbreak of coronavirus led to an increased demand for imaging solutions to detect abnormalities in the chest among patients with a high clinical suspicion of infection. Computed Tomography (CT) scan is being adapted as the first-line tool for diagnosing COVID-19 infection as it produces highly accurate and reliable results. But the rapidly growing demand for CT-scan procedure owing to the rising incidences of coronavirus cases is putting a diagnostic burden on radiologists. During a time of crisis, imaging solutions leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) can effectively help to improve the diagnostic accuracy of the physicians as well as reduce their workload. The AI system can automatically examine CT images and rapidly detect COVID-19 infection by analyzing abnormalities in the lungs caused by COVID-19 pneumonia. Thus, the highly efficient AI-based CT scan devices can save about 30-40% of the detection time of the physicians and detect each stage of disease detection and evolution.

Recently, Canon debuted Aquilion Prime SP CT system created for safely imaging patients suspected of being infected with viral infectious diseases. During the epidemic crisis when diagnostic testing has become instrumental for the early treatment of COVID-19 infected patients, the introduction of the Canon CT solution can prove to be a gamechanger for overly burdened radiology departments in the healthcare environment. With the capability to generate 160 unique slices per rotation with 0.35-second scanning, the Aquilion CT solution is designed to increase throughput and reduce examination time for compromised patients. The device weighs around 660 pounds and consists of a 78 cm gantry that makes the device suitable for clinical and emergency settings. Since the CT system is available in modular or mobile setup, it can be isolated to reduce the risks for facility staff and patients, and thus creates a safe hospital environment.

Rapid Decontamination System

The advanced imaging modality is a deployable CT with a rapid decontamination solution, which makes it ideal for utilization by hospitals and institutions in the pandemic. The decontamination system incorporates multiple automated UV-C emitters that destroy pathogens and works effectively against different infectious diseases. Thus, the device allows radiologists to perform safe and quick imaging of the suspected patients while reducing the high degree of risk of contamination. The decontamination system takes a few minutes to completely disinfect the room and enhance the workflow of clinicians.

All-in-one Diagnostic Imaging Solution

The high-end CT system features Toshiba’s proprietary imaging technology that provides physicians the flexibility to find the right balance to produce excellent image quality while administering low dose for reducing radiation exposure. Built with premium technology, Aquilion Prime SP enables the clinical facility to screen all patients from pediatric to bariatric even in the most challenging cases, which makes it a fast and efficient solution to streamline workflow in healthcare settings. The advanced Canon solution expands clinical capabilities by automating complex examination and delivering high-quality data, which facilitates radiologists to keep pace with their worklist. Within one breath-hold and contrast injection, multiple anatomical areas can be diagnosed, which enables a confident diagnosis.

Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE)

Introducing Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) across imaging modalities, Canon Medical Systems is expanding the power of AI to routine imaging. AiCE is an innovative deep learning reconstruction (DLR) technology that has been trained using vast amounts of high-quality image data to produce sharp, clear, and contrast images at low doses. Securing the high computational power of Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN), AiCE technology exhibits high spatial resolution and differentiates signal from noise. Thus, the world’s first deep learning reconstruction for CT is considered a ground-breaking advancement in the field of imaging solutions and is set to bring forth a new era of AI-assisted medicine. Some of the features of AiCE deep learning reconstruction include improved low-contrast detectability, dose-neutral industry-leading ultra-high-resolution images, fast reconstruction, better differentiation between signal and noise in low-quality images, and easy workflow.

Patient-Centric Design

The Aquilion Prime SP enhances the patient care experience with its patient-centric design. The CT scan system has a flexible table height and 600 pounds capacity couch to accommodate patients of all age groups and the physically challenged. The 70 cm extended field of view allows one to see more of the anatomy. The RT flat tabletop scan in the same position for comfort and ease of the patients and the respiratory gating delivers robust flexibility in the management of the motion. The tech-assist lateral table movement improves flexibility and ease of use, allowing the clinicians to move the table 8.4 cm from side to side. The Canon’s propriety SUREPosition* technology puts patients at ease and accurately centers them by scan plan GUI. The technology also allows clinicians to perform iso-center scanning for the best IQ and thus eliminates the need for re-scanning patients in time-critical situations.

Scalable Technology

The compact design and small footprint of Aquilion Prime SP allow easy installation in tight rooms as it requires an installation space of just 14.8 m2. Thus, the device can help hospitals to maximize layouts and workspace and reduce the cost of ownership and patient care. Canon’s Medical Aquilion Prime SP is the perfect system that matches the needs of today offering a range of 80 to 160 slices. With a fast reconstruction speed of up to 70 images/second, the CT scan solution boosts workflow and improves the productivity of clinicians.

Recent Advancements in Computed Tomography Technology

qER CT scan

qER CT scan solution developed by, an imaging artificial intelligence provider is an FDA-approved imaging solution to detect cranial fractures, midline shift, intracranial bleeds, and other critical abnormalities found on routine head CT scans. The comprehensive and high-quality imaging AI tool assists clinicians to produce effective outcomes by providing accurate image interpretation. Leveraging AI for accurately critical conditions, the medical device helps to reduce examination time and improve care for patients.

IntelliSpace Portal Advanced Visualization

Philips’s IntelliSpace Portal Advanced Visualization aims to improve workflow leveraging artificial intelligence. The suite enables professional radiologists and administrators to provide better outcomes with less burden. With the growing demand for imaging and shortage of specialists, the new Philips offering increases efficiency and cut turnaround time by eliminating the need for manually entering patient content to prepare final reports. AI tools work effectively to detect coronavirus lesions, which could be beneficial to mitigate staff shortage and prevent the need for rescanning.

Fujifilm FCT Embrace CT system

Powered by Analogic technology, Fujifilm FCT is the world’s first 85-cm wide-bore computed tomography unit with 64-and 128-slice configuration optimized for both oncology and radiology applications. The CT system provides exceptional imaging capabilities and improves accuracy. The 85-cm bore matches the rotational arc of the linear accelerator and meets the oncology radiation demands without hindering the image quality.


With Canon Aquilion Prime SP, the physicians can detect, stage, and track tumours for every routine multi-phased oncology imaging, which could assist in early detection, intervention, and treatment. The device is a comprehensive solution to fulfill all clinical demands and ensure comfortable patient experience. Providing robust imaging applications and exceptional diagnostic precision, Canon Aquilion Prime SP enhances diagnostic performance, lowers costs, and increases productivity. Looking forward to the future of CT, AI-assisted systems would become an ideal alternative as they can overcome limitations associated with conventional CT scan system such as high exposure to radiation.

According to TechSci research report on “Global CT Scanners Market By Slice (8-slice, 16-slice, 32-slice, 64-slice, 128-slice & above), By Modality (Fixed v/s Mobile), By Device Architecture (O-arm v/s C-arm), By Application (Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology, Others), By End Users (Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Others), By Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2026″, global CT scanners market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.67% during the forecast period. The growth can be attributed to the rising incidences of cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, cancer, etc. as well as high demand for the post-interventional medical procedures.

Source by Karan Chechi

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