Ponder – Do We Live On A Planet Or Something Else?

As human nature goes we often wonder what we are, who we are and what our place is in the Universe. It would be totally egocentric to think that we are alone in the universe and we are the center of it all. We would be no better than when they thought the world was flat and the Sun orbited the Earth. So where do we fit in? Better yet where do we exist?

Ponder this. (Caution this may cause your brain to hurt.) Imagine you are a scientist and you are studying molecular physics. You look at an element. You see a nucleus and x number of electrons flying around it. You smash it to see what comes out. You do this repeatedly. Each time you get your flash of light and traces of sub particles. Your friend is an astronomer. He sits watching the Universe through a telescope. He sees flashes of light from supernovas and galaxies collide.

Now imagine another life form studying molecular physics. He looks at an element. He sees a nucleus and x number of electrons flying around. He smashes it and gets his flash of light and traces of sub particles. His friend is an astronomer and he sees supernovas and galaxies collide.

Do you get the picture? What if we exist on one of those particles? What if our Universe is actually a sea of elements and particles just flying around and particles are being selected and smashed (supernova) to see what comes out by some other being? What if the same is happening in their Universe? Moreover, what if the life forms studying their particles are doing the same thing and so on and so on?

Here is the correlation. We live on the planet Earth. We traverse the surface in a haphazard manor much like electrons orbiting a nucleus. The Earth has a moon that orbits it, one nucleus (Earth) one electron (moon). Hydrogen? Now they orbit the Sun. The sun has numerous things in orbit around it. The solar system orbits in a cluster that orbits the center of the galaxy. The Galaxy, not proven yet but I’m sure it will be, orbits a mass, which has other galaxies orbiting it as well. The Universe? Well, with the vastness of what ever the Universe is expanding into there are certainly more Universes orbiting something.

Elements are made of neutrons, protons and electrons, put together indifferent combinations to make the various elements. These are smashed and found to have even smaller parts. Each part of an element (proton, electron, neutron) is made up of smaller parts orbiting central parts. These smaller parts have even smaller parts and as technology advances they are getting smaller and smaller parts of the parts.

What if every time we smash a particle we are actually snuffing out a star or galaxy in an unseen universe? What if we are snuffing out billions and trillions of lives? What if the same is going on in our Universe today? What if the supernovas we see are actually another life form smashing particles to see what they are made of?

We are making a super collider to create a miniature “big bang”. For us the universe that is created in that moment will exist for an infinitesimal amount of time. Remember time is relative. What if that is long enough for beings in that universe to develop and create wonderful music and art and books? Long enough for them to venture out to the reaches of their space and explore the stars in their universe and meet other life forms living there? Then it is all destroyed due to what we are doing? What if the same thing is happening to our universe as we speak? What if our universe was created in the same way? Being after being studying particles to see what they are made of. Each successive being creating and destroying a universe each time they smash a particle.

Our existence is infinitesimal compared to the age of Earth, the solar system and the Universe. Time of course trumping all. Does everything that has ever existed exist in our Universe or are there stacks and stacks of universes that exist within each other with each universe holding an infinite number of universes? Are we just a part of a small particle that exists at the end of an eraser on someone’s pencil?

Source by Jack R Mason

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