Paintball Nitrogen Tank and HPA – What’s the Difference?

Of course you know what paintball is. It is a popular sports activity that started on the 80’s wherein opponents (teams or individuals) will try to “kill” each other by a paintball weapon. The weapons contain capsules that have paint and so it is easy to see if the opponent has been hit because he’ll be smeared with paint of course. Now these weapons or paintball markers are being powered or propelled by a nitrogen tank. Of course that goes without saying that without the tank, the marker will be useless, so it is a very important part of the paintball machinery.

Some people however are trying to make things a little confusing by introducing another name, the HPA tanks (acronym for High Pressure Air). There’s nothing wrong with this innovative idea, one can always attach a new name to his equipment anytime they like. But what’s not good about this sudden change is that some merchants are taking advantage of it.

They do this repackaging the whole tank, calling it under a new name and then selling it into the public as something upgraded and therefore more expensive. That is but deceitful. HPA is not using a new technology. It’s still the same old thing – tanks filled up with compressed air, not necessarily fully genuine nitrogen. But that’s how it has been ever since and yet, the tanks were known as nitrogen tanks. Now they’re changing it only to have a promotional strategy not to offer the paintball community an upgraded and updated technology.

Just as a CO2 tank paintball isn’t loaded with only carbon dioxide, the same goes with the nitrogen tanks. But nobody’s changing these carbon dioxide tanks into another name such as an “air tank”. Meaning, these retailers are only focusing their attention on nitrogen tanks for now to con the whole paintball population that there is an upgrade and that there’ll be more sales for them. But the truth will always remain, HPA and nitrogen tanks will always be the same and that fact, they can never change.

Source by Chris H Ford

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