Packing for Mars, The Curious Science of Life in the Void

I was not really surprised when I came to know about Mary Roach’s latest effort. Mary’s books have always been based on extremely curious topics.

Mary Roach has yet again proved herself with packing for mars, she has found another unique topic to investigate and write about.

Her style of writing remains the same in this book, hilarious, direct and bizarre! She visits some topics like cadavers (actual dead people not crash test dummies) used for testing purposes and also some new titillating subjects, such as sex in space.

Mary Roach pushes the reader into the world of space flight and the difficulties of living in space, how do astronauts go to the toilet? do they really recycle their own urine and then precede to drink it? At the moment there are no baths and showers in space so how do they not stink of body odour all day long? Some other serious topics are discussed like what happens when you vomit in a spacesuit, and how do you survive if this happens to you when spacewalking?

She visits some interesting experiences that the original space pioneers had, for example how about the Apollo astronauts that could not stop farting…

For me packing for mars is her best book since “Stiff” which is one my all time favorites, i find it hard not to laugh out load when reading this particular book, which can sometimes be a little embarrassing.

Packing for mars is not just humorous but it also does a good job at explaining technical and scientific topics. Her style of writing is simple, she manages to get the main points across so that science people and non tech minded peeps can understand.

Source by Lucy V Love

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