Outdoor Recycling Containers by Rubbermaid

Outdoor recycling containers by Rubbermaid offer a very innovative and useful way of making our surroundings environment-friendly. All the Rubbermaid recycling bins are made to help end-users manage waste and recycling processes more efficiently. With the very wide range of outdoor recycling bins, Rubbermaid offers the right container for every outdoor location. All the outdoor recycling containers by Rubbermaid provide a hands-free and hygienic waste disposal option. These containers are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, rough handling and rusting. Here are some of the outdoor recycling bins by Rubbermaid that can be kept at public places like stadiums, theatres, airports, shopping malls, fast food restaurants, parking facilities and more.

Plaza Paper Recycling Container: This container is ideal for use in offices especially near printers, copiers and Xerox machines and in mailrooms. With the slot shaped deposit opening, the container provides easy hands-free disposal of waste paper. This recycle bin is provided with the side mounted hinged service door to make the task of emptying it easier. With the help of poly-liner holder, poly-liner bag that stores waste can easily be taken out.

Plaza Bottle & Can: Plaza bottle and can recycling container is a high storage capacity container that is perfect for use in any recycling program. This outdoor recycling container features one circular opening to accommodate recyclable bottles and cans.

With the side mounted hinged service door facility, this container makes the emptying task easier. You can easily remove the ploy-liner bag that contains waste just by sliding out the standard poly-liner holder.

Glutton Bottle & Can Recycling Container: Glutton bottle and can recycling container is ideal for use in places that generate high plastic bottles and cans waste, such as shopping malls, stadiums, cinemas, restaurants and more. This high storage capacity outdoor recycling container has a removable lid that features two round openings. This recycling container is made from heavy duty plastic containing UV inhibitors and is strong enough to resist rust and survive rough handling. You can also customize these recycling containers by getting the graphics of your choice printed on the container.

Buying Rubbermaid recycling containers means buying durable, easy to use containers suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. You can log on to recycling supply to buy all types of indoor and outdoor recycling containers by the top manufactures like Rubbermaid, Waste Warrior, Ecolad and more.

Source by Patrick J Hills

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