Nikola Tesla – The Mad Scientist of the 19th Century

If you were to mention the name Nikola Tesla, the picture of a mad scientist will pop into my mind. Tesla is a real genius of the early 19th century but not a lot of people know about him.

Nikola Tesla was born on 10th July 1956 and died at the ripe old age of 87 years old. Back in his younger days, Tesla was trained as an electrical and mechanical engineering. His biggest invention contributed to the advancement of commercial electricity. Many of his ideas were revolutionary and some said the people back in the early 1900 were not ready for his way of thinking.

His research paved the way for alternative current power system, polyphase electric distribution, alternating current (AC) motor and many more. With his invention, Tesla helped to kick start the Second Industrial Revolution.

When Tesla was a child, he was a subject of the Austrian Empire. When he was older, he became an American citizen and worked for Thomas Edison. Tesla pioneered many groundbreaking inventions particularly in the field of wireless energy transfer. Because of his contradicting thinking, he was later involved in the “War of Currents” against his employer, Thomas Edison. Tesla ultimately came out victorious and was considered one of the greatest electrical engineers of his time.

In the year 1893, Nikola Tesla through his experiment showed how energy could be transferred wirelessly to power electronic devices. His work lead to the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower project which was funded by J.P. Morgan.

The Wardenclyffe Tower incidentally was also known as the Tesla Tower. It was commissioned in 1901 but was never finished. The tower was intended to transmit wireless signal across the Atlantic. Tesla also wanted to show the world how power could be transmitted without the need of cables. Alas, when J.P. Morgan discovered that there was no way the power transmitted could me metered for financial gain, he pulled his funding and the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower came to a standstill.

Many of Nikola Tesla initial design plans were never found. Some people believe there was a conspiracy to hide his invention from the public. Tesla’s invention could literally end the world dependency on power companies.

Source by Will Yap

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