Natural Cleaning Products For Safer Cleaning

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside your house can be from two to five times more polluted than the air out side. Thanks in big part to toxic, frustrating impulsive organic chemicals that evaporate, or “off-gases” from decorating and cleaning your home. To reduce air pollution some open their windows when cleaning to let pollutants get out. However, that does not decrease the over all negative effects of harmful chemical ingredients.

Rather than allowing natural and clean air to act as freshener, many consumers are using artificial room air fresheners and fragranced cleaning products which are full of hazardous chemicals. These chemicals can make our air inside the home polluted which can cause irritation to skin, eye and may even lead to negative respiratory reactions. Apart from that they can also damage our natural environment. To cater the need for less hazardous cleaning products some companies are manufacturing organic cleaning products. These natural cleaning products do not contain any harmful chemicals, are biodegradable and environment-friendly. All these properties are making organic cleaning products safe and effective cleaning solutions.

My mom is very conscious in our health. She doesn’t want us to obtain even a little bit of chemicals and that’s why she uses natural cleaning products in cleaning our whole house. She started using organic cleaning products when my little brother had accidentally drunk a liquid detergent which my mom had left over the table. My little brother stayed on the hospital for a month for some complications the liquid detergent had caused. After that happening, my mom never used household cleaning products that contain a lot of harmful chemical ingredients. Right then, she started to using natural cleaning products. And the switch was all worth it as she doesn’t have to worry about our health since then.

She kept on using organic cleaning products until she discovered a new way in cleaning our home safely and practically. She had discovered that natural cleaning products are made from natural ingredients. So she started on thinking what natural ingredients she can use to make her own natural cleaning products.

My mom found out that white vinegar can be use in softening your clothes because it is mildly acidic and it disinfects. So she started on using white vinegar as a fabric softener on our clothes. Here’s how she does it.

You will just be needing a cup of white vinegar and water. First you need to apply the cup of white vinegar on your clothes and then add the water. After that let the vinegar soak your clothes for twenty minutes. You can add some herbs or aromatic plants to add some scent. After twenty minutes, you can finally drain and wash your clothes. And there you have a well-cleaned and very soft clothes.

My mom was so glad that she discovered this process because she can clean our home and other things naturally without obtaining hazardous chemical ingredients and without spending a lot of money. These natural cleaning products are really good to use in cleaning your home and it really helps especially to those people who are health conscious and but are of tight cleaning budget.

Source by Markus Skupeika

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