Mind Power – Capable of Brainwashing

Mind power is capable of brainwashing. Brainwash is an academia term for mind control. And it is referred to as the psychological coercive persuasion. Meaning, the mind has the capacity to force another person’s mind to either resist or accept ideas. The mind also has the ability to instill beliefs in a person.

Long ago Mind Control was used to manipulate and deceive the mind of people in order to benefit financially and politically. This was a system of deception way back.

There are ways to control the mind and it is correlated to hypnosis. Learning these things can be either harmful or beneficial. One effective scheme to control the mind is through repetitive sounds, visuals, and verbal drills that are known to be suggestibility-increasing schemes. In that way the mind is prepared to change. Another scheme used by some psychologists is the rewards system where the mind is easily converted due to the reinforcement of the rewards. In addition, giving Rules and Regulations in some ways control the mind. With the existence of rules, the mind will be very careful and picky in acquiring new ideas. Nonphysical punishments can also be use to control the mind. These are intense humiliation, social isolation, guilt, anxiety, manipulation that greatly affects the emotion which in turn controls the mind. Magicians’ mind power is one best example in terms of mind control. Just take a look at how they trick and manipulate our perceptions.

To control one person’s mind, there are pointers because it’s quite a task to begin. First you have to know and analyze the subject, if he or she can easily give in to your suggestions. To be able to find out you need to ask the subject to look at the end of the horizon. If the iris isn’t visible at all then the subject’s mind can be controlled. If it is, the subject can’t be swayed. Another, the place you’re going to perform the brainwash should be quiet and calm. There should be no distractions at all; a place free from noise. Then ask the subject to close their eyes and let them relax completely before beginning talking to them in a slow gentle reassuring manner. Start controlling their mind by asking them to do small movements first. From smaller movements, you can start asking the subject do larger movements. That’s the way you control one person’s mind, that easy and that tricky. And it can be fun at some point.

Mind power has its awesome functions. Controlling one’s mind or a particular subject’s mind is one obvious wonders of how dominant and controlling a human mind can be. You only need to learn the processes and tricks. In real life mind control seems to be very complicated and paranormal, but it’s as easy as a one to three steps.

Source by Ewen C

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