Message of the Universe: When One Door Closes, a Thousand More Open!

“It’s not just that when one door closes, another door opens.

When one door closes, choirs burst into chorus, orchestras orchestrate, bugles bugle, marching bands march, dogs catch Frisbees, cats “chow, chow, chow,” pigs fly, and 10,000 new doors open.

Kind of makes you want a door to close, huh?


The Universe”

Many have heard this say before: “when one door closes, another one opens”. It is partially true when it comes to closing a door, but you will need to take into consideration that many others are available to you in your lifetime. There is NOT one other door out there, there are plenty of doors for you to choose from. When you close a door, you close the past and move forward. You focus on the things that are happening today and not yesterday. What’s in the past stays there, so no need to focus too much on it. You can’t change it anyways, so what is the point. When you look at your life, depending on what you do today will have repercussion on your future. I have never seen seeds planted and grow the day after. It takes months of work and attention to make the crop flourish. This is what you need to do with all of your opportunities. Work on your dreams, pay attention to all the details, focus on what you need to do today so you can take advantage of a better life tomorrow. Looking ahead is important but as we all know, even with the best planning, things do not pan out the way we expect it to be. Changes occurs, existential circumstances render results that are not always to your advantage. Will you let that depress you or bring you down? Will you let bad news bring you down to your knees and keep you there permanently? I hope not. When events do not happen the way you want, that means that BETTER is coming along. The Universe knows that more is yet to come.

We are all humans and we get affected by the good and the bad. We strive for a better life but s%^t happens. We have to deal with it and move forward. It is important to master that part of your life. I am not saying to stay passive with every event that is happening, assertiveness is very important, and you need to go for what you believe in and not just accept things the way they are. You want to pursue your dreams, work hard at it, make a difference and do not stop until it happens. Even if you put in all the hard work, it might not pan out the way you wanted. Should you jump off the Golden Gate bridge because of that? Absolutely not. Regardless of the outcome, you opened other doors that offers better options and grander exciting results compare to the original. Always walk with your head held high and look into bettering your life at every occasion you have. If you are worried about what others will think of your failure? Well, have you thought of NOT SAYING ANYTHING to anyone in the first place? If no one knows what you are doing, no one will know where you failed. Learn to keep things to yourself until the jackpot hits. And if it doesn’t, this little secret will stay with you until you die.

Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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