Message From the Universe: Let TODAY Be the First Day of Your Amazing Life

“Why wouldn’t everything in your life start getting much, much easier?

Why wouldn’t those things you now fear, dissolve into dust?

Why wouldn’t the rest of your life be the best of your life?

I mean, you’ve NEVER been as awesome, or wise, or deserving, as you are today.

Huh? Huh? Huh?

The Universe”

As we tend to live too much in the past, feel horrible about what we’ve done or not done, how much we screwed up and not do the things we always wanted to do, complain that we are not where we hoped to be, feeling depressed about the overall outcome of our life and so on and so forth. Why cry over spilled milk right? What is done is done, no need to go back and start reminiscing of the past and feel bad about it. The only thing you can do today and move forward and learn from your mistakes. You are more experience, have more knowledge as to NOT repeat the same mistakes over again, and also take things a little bit easier. As we get older, we learn not to care much about what others think about us. Fear becomes just an illusion, a mirage that is here for a brief moment and disappear afterwards. Why put so much emphasis on something that is constructed by our own mind, based on our existent insecurities? Why focus so much on the negative? Every day is a different day and you can start by taking charge of your own life, your own destiny and not let anyone budge into your goals and dreams. Today is the start of your new life.

As long as you indulge yourself with a positive attitude towards life, there is NO reason why life couldn’t easier. I am not saying to fool yourself and deny the challenges that will hit you throughout your life, but as long as you do not let these challenges bring you down and keep you there permanently, you are good to go. You can work day in a day out without a break and still come out failing miserably. It will be devastating at times but do not let this failure break you in pieces. You need to get back up, learn from your mistakes and avoid making them all over again. Every minute counts and you want to utilize your time efficiently. Once you find your calling, put everything you got on it, study it and see how you can make your life, and the one of others as happy as possible. Do not be like all others out there just accepting their faith and not work on making any changes in their lives. They just accept to stay miserable and to afraid to take a stand and make a change. Never allow yourself to live your life this way. You are given ONLY one life to live, so live it well and happy!

Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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