Message From the Universe: Keep the Learning Baggage With You – The Rest, Leave It at the Airport

“Sure, I used to believe in accidents, coincidences, and chance… until one memorable day, when I stared out at the world from your very eyes, listened to it with your very ears, felt it with your very heart, all while thinking your very thoughts, and all at once I realized: You had become everything I’d ever dreamed you’d be.

Nice going,

The Universe”

IF the Universe believes in you, I would say go out there and follow your dreams. Observe yourself from the outside for a minute, see what you’ve accomplished throughout the past few years and just see how far are you ahead. We constantly criticize ourselves for the things we don’t have, for the wealth we haven’t obtained, for the body we strive to get but can’t, for the job we been looking for but can’t find. We wonder day after day why aren’t we blessed with the things we dream about or think of. IF the adage: “Thoughts become things”, then we ask ourselves: “Where are my things?. I think of good thoughts everyday, but nothing is happening. Why do my dreams do not come true?”. Let me ask you. Are you thoughts aligned with your actions and belief? Are you just going through a process of thinking without really believing or understanding what you are asking for. The Universe is a simple force, that combines not only the Laws of gravity but also the laws of Attraction. If you are clear and concise with the Universe with what you want, it will appeal to your request and make things happen but ONLY when you believe that you have done everything in your power to be true to yourself. You can’t play mind games with the Universe. It is important to work on realigning your thoughts with your beliefs or you won’t see much of any results. Inevitably, you will lose hope with the Laws of Attraction. It is the principle of causality, one of the most crucial laws in the Universe.

No one is perfect nor can claim that they are close to being perfect. We all have baggage that we bring on into our lives but it depends on us to determine what baggage to leave at the airport and the ones to bring in further into our lives. The learning baggage are the one to keep and anything else is to discard. You want to better yourself throughout the process of becoming a greater person. Don’t be afraid of who you are, as you know that fear is created by your own mind. Einstein one said: “Problems cannot be solved by the same mind that created them”. So, would you want to constantly deal with problems knowing that your mind won’t be able to find that solution? Some might be confused about that quote as it can make you wonder the nature of each problems that you can resolve. You might say: “Well, Dan, at work, I am a problem solver, so what’s the deal?” That is because the problem that came to your wasn’t created by your own mind. It was an external problem that your mind is trained to find the solution because of your experience and knowledge. Problems/emotional turmoil created by your own mind is a pending problem that can’t get resolved until seeking external help. A third party perception to your personal problem is a prerequisite to finding plausible solution. Hence, this is why we have consultants, psychologist, life coaches, psychiatrist, and so much more. In light of this new information, do not feel bad asking for help from others, you can be guaranteed to find quick solutions and move forward towards your goals.

Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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