Managing Change in the Workplace

Change is exhilarating. Change is terrifying. Change is badly needed around here. Whatever your attitude is to change, it is the most reliable companion you will likely ever have. It will always be with you so are better off making friends! Here are three tips on managing change in your workplace:

* Understand that growth requires change. If you double the number of customers you serve, how will your current systems hold up? Review current processes to see how they will work if workflow increases. Be sure that your processes can handle the influx of customers.

*Let go of the emotions around change so you can have productive conversations with those who are involved. For instance, if you are a manager and your employees are resentful of a needed change, you can help create a productive dialogue by letting go of your personal investment in the outcome. Simply discuss the situation without ego, anger, or pride. Your employees will be more open to understanding why the change is necessary, and you may learn something new as well.

* Look for opportunities to invite change. Where can your processes be streamlined? What can you learn from spots where things bog down now? Are you using an employee’s best gifts or simply using them where you need a warm body? Employees who feel like they are using their gifts are more likely to stay and put forth their best effort.

When you become an active participant of change, and you remain receptive to its gifts, you can learn from it and grow with it.

Source by Julie Renee Holland

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