Lester Levenson’s Scientific Way to Drop Fears About Money

I get more emails about people wanting to attract money than anything else by far. It has become more of a problem since the economic meltdown, but it has always been people’s #1 issue to cross my desk. Why is money such a pervasive problem? What can we do to drop the fears we have about not having sufficient money even for basic living?

Lester Levenson was not only the 1st American Master, but he was a noted physicist who was asked to work on the Manhattan Project to build the Atomic Bomb that ended World War 2. Even though he declined, he tested everything out in the “lab of himself” as any professional scientist would. The reason I am saying this is so you can have the confidence to try this easy process for yourself. Lester always said, “Take it for checking.” If it works for you, you will reap great benefits from it. If not, you have lost nothing.

Right now, you may be fearful about how to pay all the bills you have. Maybe how to have enough for your family to live a reasonably comfortable life. Rent, mortgage, utilities, cable, and the huge costs of driving now. Those fears are really an attractive force. What that means is this. You may have heard about the book, “The Secret” or the Law of Attraction. There is really a Universal Law that states, “What you hold in your mind, you will attract to you.” Fear is an attractive force, and will bring to you the very thing you are fearing. I know that may sound kind of strange, but it is so. In a way, it is subconscious WANTING for it to happen. Test it out for yourself. Has what you feared ever happened to you?

Here is great process to help you drop the fear. Since you are holding the fear in your mind, try this exercise. Ask yourself, “Could I let go of wanting to hold on to this fear about money (whatever it is)? Would I? When? Ask again. You will find that after a few times, you will feel less of the fear. After 30 minutes of it, it may feel very weak. It’s only a feeling and not a fact. Your mind is lying to you about all the terrible things that will happen to you. With each one, ask, “Could I let go of wanting _____ to happen? Would I? When? Some people use the acronym False Evidence Appearing Real for fear to remind them.

I and others have used this successfully to totally drop our money fears, and be able to take positive action toward having more money. It works. For more processes that work on solving problems and other issues, go to my site below. Scientific solutions from a Master.

Source by Stephen Seretan

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