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Solar panels produce electricity using the sun’s natural energy. These panels absorb the wavelengths of light, turning the sun’s natural energy into heat and power for the home. Just as you can get sunburned on a hazy day, solar panels work even cloudy days, because the light sends enough UV rays through the clouds to generate power.

If you were going to choose just one solar resource for your home, solar generating panels would win hands-down. Your investment in solar panels radically reduces your energy costs, and it helps remove tons of pollutants from the atmosphere. Reliable, infinitely renewable, solar energy not only saves money; in most cases, it generates a little revenue for homeowners. Local utilities must buy homeowners’ excess power at the prevailing rates; when the meter turns backwards, you actually make money from your solar generator.

Installation of solar panels cert6ainly increases your home’s value. Most homeowners easily realize 500% return on their investments when they install solar generators.

Once the exclusive province of high-tech contractors and installers, building and installing solar panels now is part of the do-it-yourselfers domain. Retailers and online vendors offer a variety of easy-to-build, easy-to-install kits that very quickly pay for themselves in reduce energy costs.

Requiring no specialized tools and no sophisticated expertise, the kits include easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, so that homeowners typically can become energy independent in a weekend.

As the kits become more popular, the cost comes down and they become more readily available. Many internet vendors offer deep discounts on solar panel kits, and the largest home improvement retailers have begun stocking them as part of their regular inventories. The idea is so popular there are even some bigger hardware stores that carry these kits.

Going green with solar panels not only soothes your conscience; it radically reduces the stress on your wallet.

Source by Zac Linzmeier

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