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Witch’s Dozen Powerful Reasons to Learn Creative Copywriting Marketing

“But I hate writing! Why would anyone want to learn copywriting?”

Because, my friend, there are a dozen great reasons, at least:

1) FREE MARKETING /ROI! Most important!!! Timea or out-sourcing is your only cost. But once it’s out there on the net, it continues to build readership, for FREE!

2) LEADERS ARE MADE NOT BORN! ANYONE can learn… Invest in some good training to listen to in the car

3) LUCRATIVE: Copywriting is THE single BIGGEST earning skill on the internet today! Ask the masters!

4) CUMULATIVE IMPACT: Crucially, your content is out there forever. Powerful, emotive words generate leads as time passes and more people find you over time.

5) RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Social media, video, articles (just for starters…) grab MASSIVE attention and build relationships online AUTOMATICALLY.

6) FUN! Because advertising copy is about peoples’ psychology, this makes writing ad copy one of the most fun aspects of your business. Doesn’t knowing peoples’ ‘buying itch buttons’ fire your cylinders? Finding the right buttons to press is a challenge!

7) AUTHORITY: Educate your target audience and establish yourself as preferred expert amongst your competitors.

8) TRACK RESULTS: You can monitor where your leads are coming from, so you know what your investment of time is worth and GET BETTER!9) VIRAL MARKETING Valuable copy will be picked up by 3rd party content publishers, such as ezines. They post your verbatim copy to their sites, exposing you to even more ‘qualified’ traffic. Master the art of viral marketing, to guarantee your business a steady stream of customers. Create some compelling ad copy with some basic creative writing techniques once and your personal digital doppelganger continues to market for you automatically ever after, whatever the time zone!

10) NOVELTY FACTOR: Google ranking of your business pages depends on freshly up-dated information and popularity amongst other readers. In turn this depends on the relationship you build with both. This can be the beginning of a beautiful MBA!

11) POPULARITY: “Most popular today” status gives your copywriting marketing strategy more reach.

12) DIALOGUE: Two way communication with your readers not only increases your value, it’s great qualitative market research amongst your fans. E.G. pose a highly specific question to your audience in order to gain feedback! (I said this was a witch’s dozen, remember! )

Top Implementation Tips:

1) Upload to various sites, or invest in broadcasting software which helps you DOMINATE

2) Inform your current database of subscribers about article or blog broadcasts

3) Include all social media groups in your marketing broadcast

4) If the article directory you posted the article to is also a social community, then include writing a tagline after the link to the article

For more great marketing tips, or access to resources to learn this skill of the millionaire marketers out there, come and visit me on my web home pages, where I dive into all of this stuff in greater depth and offer more hot tips for generating leads and sales conversion.

Source by Denise Ashurst

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