Kapap – One Mind, Any Weapon

Building a better warrior

When training with a program like a self defense oriented Martial Art, one need to include the three following disciplines:

* Mental strength

* Character

* Physical skill

Joined together, these create a properly trained, disciplined, ethical and highly motivated warrior. Such warriors are an integral part of the historical time line of the Kapap operatives who both protect and set an example for their society.

Kapap is not a sports-based martial-arts program; it is a war & Conflict fighting system based on the use of the handgun, rifle and bayonet, followed by the bayonet/knife as a combat knife and then followed by weapons of opportunity (e.g. shovels, tree limbs, bricks). The training is rounded out by the harsh school of unarmed combat (hand-to-hand) in its most literal and personal sense. This practical training is supported by the study of other warrior cultures, including the Spartans, the Zulus and the Apaches, among others. The goal is to produce ethical warriors who are winners and better civilians.

Kapap teaches not only the skills to win but also the mind-set to find the right way to win.

Kapap first level training block creates the individual Kapap Academy’s foundation, providing all the basic information needed to enhance his or hers success and survival on today’s harsh reality. After that, each Kapap practitioner builds on and enhances this basic knowledge. This allows anyone at any age to continue training and learning up to the 4th training level. All Kapap practitioners can spend their entire careers learning more advanced skills and better ways to use and control those skills.

Kapap Instructors purposely don’t wear any belts or ranks. A Kapap Instructor is expected to show his or her leadership and skill by example and personal conduct, not by a cloth belt. Each Kapap Instructor is expected to continually earn a “belt” by teaching, and by giving back knowledge and experience to fellow Kapap practitioners and students. One does not just have a belt; one is continually earning the right to become an Instructor.

David battling goliath – Past, present & future

One of the best known characters of Bible History is David, who as a lowly shepherd boy defeated the mighty Philistine warrior Goliath, and then grew up to be King David of Israel – and human ancestor of Jesus Christ.

David was the eighth and youngest son of Jesse, from Bethlehem. He was a strong, healthy lad, apparently with an uncommon characteristic among his people of the time – red hair.

The incident with Goliath the Philistine is probably one of the most told “Bible stories” of the Old Testament. When the Israelites were at war with the Philistines, the two armies faced each other from opposite hills with the Valley of Elah between them. Every morning for forty days, the mighty Goliath (he may have stood over 9 feet tall) challenged the Israelites for someone to come out and fight him, but none would go out. One day, David, who was actually then too young for the army, arrived with some deliveries for his older brothers. He heard Goliath and immediately volunteered to fight him. After turning down an offer of the king’s own armor, which was too big for him, David went down to the creek and got five suitable stones for his sling. The rest of the story is famous. He killed Goliath with a single perfectly-accurate shot, perhaps with a little help from an angel – the stone didn’t just rebound off the giant man’s thick skull as would naturally be expected, but actually penetrated with the power of a modern high-velocity bullet. Upon seeing their hero defeated, the Philistine army made a disorderly retreat (i.e. they just dropped everything and ran), giving the Israelites then in hot pursuit the victory. The entire story can be found in 1 Samuel 17:1-58.

As enemy and threats have unexpectedly appeared in the past, they will appear without warning again in the future at their own time and place of choosing. Every man and woman must be psychologically as well as physically ready to defend him/her and loved ones in the moment of truth.

After the shocking events of Sept. 11, 2001, it is unlikely that there is any one left who don’t realize that everyone is now on the front line, and the front line is now everywhere and anytime – world wide.

Source by Albert Timen

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