IVF Success Stories That Can Inspire and Motivate You

This article is for those of you who are suffering from depression due to infertility and have lost all hope of reproducing. Infertility can cause a lot of mental anguish in anyone’s life. It is everyone’s dream to start a family, and naturally you want to have a baby badly. The best way to relax your mind and think positive is by reading IVF success stories. Now, Invitro fertilization is a very costly method, but it is one method that has proven to worked miracles in many lives.

It can work miracles in your life too. You can be hopeful of reproducing one day by reading these IVF success stories of couples who overcame infertility. I have of course changed the names and will try to be as brief as possible. Read on and get inspired.

Rebecca and her husband Sam had been trying for a year to conceive a child before they consulted an infertility specialist. Both Rebecca and Sam were in their late twenties and didn’t think that infertility would be a problem. However, after trying several infertility drugs for few months without success, they decided to try IUI, which is a cheaper treatment that they could afford.

After several unsuccessful rounds of IUI, they thought about IVF treatments. The reason is that they knew they couldn’t afford more than three rounds of IVF. To even to afford those three rounds they would have to take out a second mortgage on their home. Since they didn’t want to wait any longer to have a baby, they took out the mortgage and poor Sam had to work for longer hours to make the extra monthly payments.

After the first round of IVF, Rebecca had not become pregnant, and although they had planned on doing all three rounds back to back, they decided to stop for sometime and weigh their options. This is when they found a mind body program which is specifically for infertile couples. The program lasts for few months and offers support, stress management skills, and additional information about how to get pregnant. Since Rebecca and Sam were already stressed about their IVF treatments they signed up for the program.

They met several other couples who had the same problem, and they are still friends with them today. After the program, they tried a second round of IVF, and Rebecca became pregnant and delivered a baby girl. This couple is quite proud to have a baby, but they said that they couldn’t have done without the support and encouragement from the mind body program.

There are many similar stories folks which you can read from the internet and books. The moral of the story is simple, be positive and always have good thoughts running in your mind. You can achieve what you think is impossible as it is all in the body. I encourage my readers to try out other natural remedies, which are available on the internet after consulting and getting the go ahead signal from your doctor.

Source by Gretta Rothenberg

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