Is Global Warming Really a Sham?

Think Tanks are busy debating over Global Warming and some folks such as Al Gore are trying to back track now to mend fences and get folks all on the same page offering a slight consolation. Rather than calling it Global Warming, he has decided to call it a Climate Crisis, which is half way between Climate Change and Global Warming I suppose. Very diplomatic indeed, but does Global Warming hold water?

One think tank member says; I disagree with all your numbers and so do most all reports, each one has different numbers. Indeed, a percentage, probably very small could be said to either be aiding climate change or inhibiting it from mankind’s activities.

There are other factors, undersea volcanoes melting ice and heating ocean from under the ice, changing the water temp. We have solar activity too. We have dust storms and volcanoes, causing issues and sometimes blocking the sun to cool temps. We have more ice in some places, much less in others.

We have the poles of the Earth wondering it what also appears to be a cycle. It seems the Earth goes through these changes with or without mankind’s help. I think Global Warming is a sham. But am willing to go along with the pollution control because, there is no excuse to pollute, that takes no brains and is littering, I don’t like it, it is a dumb idea. But crashing economies to stop climate change cycles is also ridiculous.

Fight the battles you can win said Sun Tzu. When Green Peace wants us to shut down all our economies so polar bears do not have to swim so far, well then build polar bear mini-ice berg robotically powered taxis, but lets not shut down human civilization on some pie in the sky, re-distribution of wealth program.

If this is so bad, then lets beef up our human civilizations to get ready to deal with such a future or calamity, not shut it down in doom, gloom and despair. Now then you can see why the debate rages on and I hope this article might share some perspective with you for intellectual thought in 2007.

Source by Lance Winslow

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