IR Blaster: Principle and Usage

Infrared blaster is a device that mimics the functions of an infrared remote control. It is usually connected to a computer and is a mini device that mechanically powers by self from the PC to which it is connected. This way the system acts as a remote control and you can virtually access and control all other IR devices like television, VCR and so on.

IR blaster can give out three different types of signals like space signal, RC5 signal and a pulse encoded one. There are a number of applications while the most common one is its use in controlling a DVD or a video recorder. We can change and select channel on a television linked to a satellite receiver automatically and record the programs. An additional usage is like; it could be utilized to manage infrared devices placed behind clogged doors.

The work principle is very much similar to an IR remote control except that the device has a converter which switches digital signals into infrared light. Infrared lights are highly safe for the user and it is not visible for a human eye as such. It travels via air as well. With an IR blaster you can control a primary device like VCR and on the other hand you could probably manage a television by means of the secondary IR beam generated by the blaster. These are also used to broaden the range of a remote control by keeping it in a place where the remote control cannot see. They also expand the user’s mobility.

It is uncomplicated equipment and is effortless to employ. It is at times perplexing to configure with new devices. They are quiet expensive and the selling price depends on various factors like quality, sensitivity, type and the purpose of use. By and large they come along with other products and are semi-permanent.

Source by Chris Cornell

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