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Patent design companies perform the act of creating patent drawings, and patent blueprints for inventors who are going through the tedious tasks of submitting a patent. The majority of inventors are clueless when it comes to designing inventions, and don’t know where to start so they turn to one of the online invention design services to help them. When submitting a patent the USPTO has certain requirements and guidelines that must be followed to submit a patent properly.

Patent drawings are a key feature when applying for a patent because they allow the one reviewing it to get a full understanding of what the inventor is trying to communicate. Without these important drawings it would be hard for the patent office to fully comprehend the inventions look and functionality. Online patent design companies can do more than just create patent drawings or patent blueprints due to the fact CAD is used to perform this procedure.

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Patent CAD Designers

Patent CAD Designers can manipulate the software known as CAD to design 3D models, prototypes, and other types of technical designs. If you don’t know what CAD is it’s the acronym for computer aided design or drafting. How long has it seriously been since you saw an old school drafting board? I can’t remember the last time, and almost forgot they even existed. This is because CAD software is so precise and has so many advantages over using the traditional way of drafting with technical pencils, rulers, compasses, and the never forgotten slide ruler. When looking for a good patent designer try to keep in mind that the companies who provide more than one service to the customer will normally offer reduced pricing since you’re getting more than one service done. If you’re like most inventors you’re trying to save money and to not spend more than necessary. Most patent attorney simply mark-up the cost for the concept design, patent drawings, and even the prototype. Why would a smart intelligent inventor put themselves through that type of misery when they can simply call one online patent design service to handle all of their design needs?

Inventions & Product Marketing

Once the inventor reaches the point of manufacturing their invention they have two options.  The first and most cost effective is to have a prototype made otherwise known as a rapid prototype. These rapid prototypes are created almost instantaneously and for a small amount of money from the pocket. This prototyping procedure uses something called a 3D printer to develop the prototypes, but the downfall to them is that they can only produce one product at a time. This is ideally the choice to make before any type of mass production begins because it allows the inventor to thoroughly examine the invention for design defects, or changes they might like to make before investing in an injection mold. Once satisfied with the design it would be time to generate revenue and the only way to do this is by mass production. Injection molds allow copies of a product to be made for pennies on the dollar, and is how companies make money with their product. Most invention design services should be able to direct an inventor in the right direction for any manufacturing need they may have. If they can’t provide good resources they either aren’t experienced enough or it’s out of their scope. Remember to find an invention or prototype design company who can help you all the way from concept to completion of your invention.

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