Increase of Extreme Weather Due to Global Warming

Global warming is one of the most dangerous challenges that all of humanity has ever faced. Its multiple effects will cause disruptions in everything from natural habitat to drinking water and food supply. And even more dangerously, it will give birth to some of the most powerful natural disasters ever known to mankind.

In 2004, the Tsunami in Asia displayed an unforgiving act of nature. Less than a year later, across continents in the United States, Hurricane Katrina delivered a blow of equal magnitude. Both the disasters caused massive humanitarian crisis, effecting hundreds of thousands of lives. These might not have been directly caused by global warming, but it certainly paints a picture of thing to come.

In India, the speed of cyclones in the Andra Pradesh region has jumped from an average of 150 kilometres per hours to 250 kph within just six years! And while some cities are at a risk of being washed out, other are at the risk of drying up.

Global warming will cause parts of the world to be very fertile for a period of time but simultaneously, it will also cause droughts in other parts. Scientists have estimated that as much as half a million people in Asia could face starvation within the next 30-40 years at this rate.

But it’s not just these devastating disasters that hint towards what’s happening with our weather. Summers are becoming hotter by the year, and this winter Ski resorts in Central America, Europe and the United States all lost business because it just hadn’t snowed like it used to even last year! For the first time in over a hundred years, Central Park in New York saw no snow in December 2006.

With global warming, “extreme weather” or “freak weather” is becoming a part of daily life. June and July alone has witnessed massive floods in the UK and parts of the United States, while in other parts of the United States heat has caused dangerous forest fires. And this week, the west coast is expected to hit temperatures in triple digits!

There is little argument that global warming is real and it causes changes in our weather pattern. Every week, scientists find more startling and disturbing evidence to support this fact. And the scientific community is trying everything from simple steps to cut carbon emission en masse, to designing colossal artificial air purifiers for earth. This time, it’s for the sake of our planet.

Source by G. Crandall

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