In Existence, If A Blade Of Grass Is Cut The Universe Quivers

Nothing is not a powerful word. Everything in existence is everything and is powerful. Existence is everything that exists. So, when the Upanishads say things like when a blade of grass is cut, the universe quivers, that is what it means. Indeed, everything is holographic in a living and real full way in this sense: Reality is controlled, but not created by our thoughts and actions, generated by everything conscious in existence. Sure, we can contort our minds to think that we are not in total control, and deny, deny, deny. I am not saying that all judgement and action is perfectly controlled. But I am saying that reality is controlled by our conscious and unconscious actions, in that order of conscious and unconscious actions. What I mean is that, over all, our minds and spirits are self directed, self controlled mechanisms that can achieve any worthwhile goal in existence no matter how big or no matter how small. So, I repeat, nothing is not a powerful word, or even seemingly powerful unless we contort our minds to make it seem more powerful than it is. Everything in existence is responsive and powerful as long as we are responsive and powerful within ourselves. I remember reading a book by Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke called “Cosmic Consciousness”, a few months ago I bought another copy of it, and this is the basis of where I got the idea that “nothing is not a powerful word.” Because, everything, even thought exists as something, and nothing is an illusion that does not exist in reality. In fact, I can say that I feel about the concept of the word nothing, like The Amazing Kreskin or George Kresge feels about the phenomena of hypnosis. As long as there is everything, “nothing” is a genuinely erroneous concept as a whole. But then, everything has the subjective meaning we give it and its objective reality in existence.

So, sometimes the words cosmic consciousness float before my mind when I think of the phenomena of the full awareness of reality and all of its ramifications. Sure, I am not going to say, “idle thought makes things so.” But I will say that I do have a genuine understanding of the concept that thoughts are things. To explain, if thoughts can be measured on an electrical machine such as an electroencephlograph (EEG) or brain wave machine, then we know they exist as more than just some sort of “intangible spiritual emanation” or whatever we would not like to call thought if it does not exist as some sort of matter, energy or force. So, sure, I also say that spirit and thought are one, and will one day be identified as an element along with earth, air, fire and water and all its derivatives. Well, that is one day, though, not now. Now, there are just questions. But what I am saying is, with the evolution of maturity in life, there will be answers! That is my point. So when a blade of grass is cut, the universe quivers anyway and the grass grows back.

Source by Joshua Clayton

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