I Had to Register My Penis As a Lethal Weapon

I had to register my penis as a lethal weapon after I was finished with my penis enlargement program. Once news got out, the authorities insisted I do so…

Of course, I’m kidding. But all joking aside, once I was finished with my enlargement program, it’s truly how I felt.

Before I increased my size, I felt small and weak, from a penis perspective. I didn’t feel adequate. This was especially true around women. It all started when that first girl who was shocked at the size of my penis. Unfortunately, she wasn’t shocked because my size was so big; but rather because my size was so small.

I spent years struggling with the fear that women, like my first girlfriend, would laugh at me. Of course, some girls are sweet and try to hide it, but you can always see it in their eyes and expression. There are just some things a woman can’t conceal, even if she tries. And when she’s disappointed in this way, it’s truly hard for her to hold back what she is truly thinking and feeling.

So, yes, when I finally reached that size that I never really imagined was attainable, I felt like one of those martial artists who can drive his hands through walls and break bricks in two. It was an incredible feeling! I remember as a kid watching these types of action films and jumping up and down pretending I knew all the right moves. “Hi-yah!” I’d yell out and assume some crazy pose like I saw in the movie. It was pure fantasy, of course, but it made me feel special, unique, and powerful. That’s the same feeling I now have with my increased size. I want to climb on the roof and start yelling, “hi-yah!” to everybody in the neighborhood! Because that’s how I feel. I feel strong, lethal, and powerful. It’s an amazing feeling.

If you were like I was and felt you were stuck with a smaller-than-averaged sized penis for life, then don’t give up hope. You can still turn your penis into a lethal weapon through Natural Penis Enlargement. This is a method where you stretch, pull, and “work out” the tissues in your penis to get a larger size. There are other methods, too, which encourage more blood flow and blood pressure in the penis. This helps you also get bigger, as the penis uses blood in order to create and sustain an erection. Simply increase its capacity to hold more blood and you increase its size.

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Georg von Neumann

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