How To Stop Global Warming – What Can You Do?

The urgency proclaimed by the global warming theory has caused many to look for solutions to the problem, stating that there is no need to wait for the government to issue a list of solutions. Every person can start by doing certain things now to overcome the problems global warming can cause the planet. Here is a short list of things each person can do to help.

  • Stop the use of incandescent light bulbs in your light fixtures and replace them with the new compact fluorescent bulb
  • Replace your thermostats with programmable thermostats and increase your thermostat by two degrees in the summertime and decrease it by two degrees in the wintertime
  • Clean and replace filters in the air conditioner and furnace; buy energy efficient appliances. Look for the energy star on new appliances
  • Turn your appliances off when not in use and do not put them on stand-by
  • Save carbon dioxide by wrapping your water heater in insulation
  • Move your refrigerator and freezer out of a hot room or away from hot appliances
  • If you have and old refrigerator and freezer defrost them regularly
  • Do not let heat escape from your house
  • Use less water and take a shower instead of a bath
  • Launder only when the machines are full; insulate your house.

This is a partial list of the things we, as individuals, can do to save our environment and the planet. Our dependency on fossil fuel and oil has in a large part an effect in global warming. A reduction in such dependency would be a boon to stopping global warming. Reducing the use of gas in our automobiles and switching to ethanol is one way of reducing our dependency on petroleum based products. Besides the list of things mentioned above, there are many things we as individuals can do. The message today is to “think green” and that is a good way to start saving this planet from greenhouse gasses and other pollutants. If every individual does only a small section of their part in stopping global warming the problem would be solved.

Source by Daniel Lanback

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