How Powerful Is Solar Energy?

The benefits of solar energy are well-known at this point. It’s great for the environment, saves you money on your electrical bills, and you are getting power from the best renewable resource there is. The sun isn’t going to stop producing during our lifetime!

Still, while being able to say that your house or phone or car is solar powered is cool to say, how powerful is solar energy? Does it really hold up to the benefits that electricity can provide?

Well, it’s a bit harder to compare solar energy to electrical energy because solar power is electrical power. All solar panels simply take the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity that your home and devices can use. But solar panels do have a measurement called ‘solar panel efficiency’ which basically shows how effective the panels are at converting energy.

It’s the effectiveness of the solar cells that are built into the solar panels on Mornington Peninsula homes and businesses that determines how efficient they are when it comes to the conversion of the energy. A panel with a higher efficiency rating will be able to collect and convert more energy than a panel with a lower rating.

There’s an equation to determine how much energy is converted to usable power. First, you need to know where you live, and the size of your roof and the panels you will place on it. Then multiply the watts that the panel produces by the number of full sun your roof gets. Once you have that, you’ll see how many kilowatts of power the panels produce in a day.

You can compare that to your electricity bill and figure out how solar panels can help you out with your electrical overhead costs. If you know how many watts of power your devices use, then you can calculate what devices can be completely powered by the sun, and how much money you can save.

Well, if you happen to produce more energy from your solar panels in Mornington Peninsula than you need, you can either divert the excess energy into batteries or stay connected to the grid. Most excess power will simply flow back into the electrical grid to be used by others, and if you need that extra power, you can pull from the grid yourself.

To answer the question of solar energy vs. electrical power, it’s important to know that they are the same thing. But installing solar panels can be a cheap endeavour and cuts out the middleman. Plus, once you figure out how much electricity you use in a month, and how much electricity the solar panels would produce for you, you’ll have a clear picture of what the sun can do for you.

So, you might have to break out a calculator and do a little math, but the answer might convert you to solar energy. Then you’ll save some money, take advantage of a renewable resource, and feel better about turning on your devices for the day.

Source by Edmund Brunetti

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