How Online Article Writers Can Jump Into Book Writing

If you are an online article writer and you have written a number of articles on a given subject, you maybe able to turn those articles into book content. You can use them for an E-Book or get with another industry Guru and Co-author a book.

Recently I got bored again and I am an online writer as a hobby and have written a few articles here and there. I was doing some personal research on AI or Artificial Intelligence Systems and so I had pondered some of the Artificial Intelligent Android Robotic possible futures and systems, which I had been reading about on the Internet.

Then I contacted a few Industry Professionals just for kicks who had websites on the subject. And since I have now written many articles on AI, I sat down and typed out a few emails and got immediate interest from a couple of them and am waiting to hear back from a couple of others. I pitched them an idea;

“Perhaps this could be some content for your website? [I put links to my articles from]. You are welcome to post them there on your website if you want? And we can make it into a book Co-Authored too if that notion suits you.”

Lots of interest and in a follow-up I wrote the following idea and pitch;

“You can puts in the 1-2 or 3-4 page chapters and then add in my articles as thoughts to ponder on each sub-sector topic. You could have with 12-15 chapters your 24 to 45 or more pages then in the back of each chapters some of my 50-75 pages of articles for a book.”

Now then I am not selling these articles and do not want any money from such sales, but perhaps you as an article writer do? Well then you should ask to split the profits. This was not my personal intention so I just wrote:

“Sell the book on your website as an E-book and on and you keep the money and we educate the world? My articles need editing, but that is doable. We tighten them up, make them a little more politically correct and we are good to go. Just a thought? I guess you got me thinking with your Robotic Android website? Below is a sample of my articles on Artificial Intelligence Last Week and you could use the ones you want, we can edit them a bit and if needed I could easily do 50 more and I have about 100 or so articles on robotics and various uses, industry and insight. Anyway let me know what you think about this concept?”

It is kind of funny the opportunities you can open up for yourself as an online article writer if you just think about it. Why not turn a hobby type business into something much bigger? You have nothing to lose but a few minutes typing out a six or seven emails, so why not? Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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