How Long Will My Inflatable Hot Tub Last?

Buying an inflatable hot tub is an excellent option for anyone who can’t yet afford to make the investment of a full-sized permanent model, or who isn’t sure whether or not they’ll use it enough to justify the purchase. But, just how long will an inflatable spa tub last?

The answer we’re about to give is likely to frustrate people, but it’s 100% true.

“It all depends.”

Depends on what? Well luckily, that’s something we can tell you. Pay attention, and learn about all the ways you can determine whether your inflatable spa tub will last 7 months, or 7 years.


Almost all inflatable hot tubs will come with at least some kind of warranty, but the length of it will differ. That said, please note that the length of a warranty doesn’t mean your product won’t last beyond that but it does represent how confident a vendor is in their craftsmanship. In general, multiply the length of your product’s warranty by 4 to get an idea of its longevity. For instance, a spa tub guaranteed to last 2 months might actually last 8, but it’s not likely to survive beyond a couple years even with the best of care. On the other hand, a tub guaranteed for 1 or 2 years might last for five or even ten years.


The temperature in which you use your spa tub is one of the biggest contributing factors to its longevity or lack thereof. In very cold weather, your tub will contract and the plastic it’s made of will become brittle, crack, and leak. In hot temperatures, the air in your tub will expand which can result in torn seams and leaks. With this in mind, try not to use your spa tub in any extreme weather conditions and store it in a climate-controlled area if possible to ensure you get optimum use out of it.

Chemical Care

You’ll want to use hot tub spa chemicals to avoid bacteria and residual build-up, but too much or too little can have a negative impact on the interior party. Purchase a cheap pH testing kit so that you can make sure pH levels is always been 7.0-7.4 for the health of both you and your inflatable hot tub. As well, keep your tub clean by using spa cleaner for the interior and exterior walls, and filter cleaner for the filter.

PVC Hazards

Inflatable hot tubs are usually made of PVC, which as you probably know is easy to penetrate. Keep your spa tub away from PVC hazards like pets with sharp claws, and rough terrains. Even better, lay your inflatable spa tub on some kind of bases like a piece of old carpet or a sheet of plastic to keep it away from potentially sharp debris.

How Often Will You Use It?

Lastly, and perhaps the most impactful factor, is how often you use your hot tub. If you only bring your inflatable spa tub out a couple times a year and store it properly the rest of the time, it might last for ten years or even more. Meanwhile, if you use your hot tub for hours a day every day of the week, even the highest quality system is likely to wear out.

Source by Julian C Eustice

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