How Handheld Weapons Are Incorporated Into The Keysi Fighting Method

The Keysi Fighting Method has become popularized through such films as Batman Begins. It is also a fighting style that is not without a certain measure of controversy. However, as a method for fighting and for self-defense, it continues to intrigue.

Some debate whether or not Keysi is a true martial arts style. Regardless of that opinion, it remains a unique fighting style. That fact is particularly emphasized in terms of the Keysi Fighting Method and handheld method.

Background And Information

The Keysi Fighting Method has become particularly popular over the past few years. The way the style relates to kicking and punching alone serves to point to just how unique this fighting style really is. Studying the Keysi Fighting Method will also mean learning about handheld weapons. This is one of the ways in which this method serves to differentiate itself from other fighting styles and methods.

Keysi understands that certain fighting styles downplay weapons training to a certain degree. These methods often employ a good deal of conditioning training, which promotes the idea that an individual can take a little punishment, endure said punishment, and then respond with their own level of force. Obviously, with weapons, the idea of conditioning training isn’t very realistic. No one should have to learn how to defend themselves from knives or swords, obviously.

This is where the handheld weapons component to Keysi training becomes so interesting. Those who train with this fighting method will use an assortment of handheld weapons, over the course of their introduction to and continued training with the Keysi method. These weapons can include sticks, knives, swords, and other items that might fall under the handheld weapons banner.

In a general sense, the Keysi method works to understand and respond to energy and movement. This fact comes across quite strongly with the handheld weapons that are employed by those studying Keysi.

Many fighting styles naturally teach you to read and respond to the movement of your adversary. However, not every fighting/self-defense style in existence takes handheld weapons into account. Keysi endeavors to be different, working with a wide range of handheld weapons. Offense and defense are both practiced, regardless of the specific handheld weapon.

The Bottom Line

The Keysi Fighting Method is not without a few critics. However, the benefits of this relatively modern style are such that it is at least worth a serious look, for those who are looking to adopt a comprehensive form of self-defense.

Standing United We Pack A Punch.

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