How Going Green Can Improve Your Life

Health and wellness, environmental impact, energy consumption, the economy – these are but a few major things that have a direct effect when we choose to go green. But what are these effects that we will be getting if we make a significant change in our lifestyle? Here are some of the benefits of choosing eco-friendly materials in our day-to-day living.

Going green can significantly extend your lifespan.

Think about eating healthy greens and local produce. You will be saving yourself from all kinds of chemicals and all other harmful ingredients that are being added to most processed foods in the market. Also, by using natural and non-toxic products at home, you are saving yourself from different kind of illnesses that might go with the chemicals that are used in making the things you are using every day.

Going green can give you cleaner air, water, and surrounding.

Our environment is becoming more and more polluted every day and the rate of the spread of pollution is much faster than the rate of restoration. The loss of biodiversity is putting every human and habitat closer to the risks of blight, disease and famine. By choosing to walk instead of riding public transport or by driving a bike instead of driving a car, you are reducing environmental pollution. The same goes with using energy saving appliance and eco-friendly pieces of furniture.

Going green can save you tons of money.

One common misconception about going green is that it is expensive. The reality is when you go green it means you are choosing to live a simpler yet sustainable life. It means frugal living. By using natural and local products, you can save tons and tons of money, which used to be spent on costly yet harmful products. Through buying from the local produce, going green also helps improve the local economy.

Going green helps you become self-sufficient.

When you began to think of living a truly sustainable life, you no longer rely on the unsustainable infrastructure coming from the shady political deals. Renewable energies and sustainable land care and other resources are necessary if you want to live off the grid of the typical environmental and political compass. Living a green and sustainable life means you have become self-sufficient.

So, why go green? Living a sustainable life is a deep personal choice that you have to make. Other than improving the quality of your life, it has a profound philosophical meaning that you have to embrace wholeheartedly.

Source by Mae Cimafranca

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