How Does the 3 Step Plan Work? MLM Turnkey Review

Have you heard of the 3 step plan? Well, I don’t know about you, but when I think about a 3 step plan, I think idea, marketing, money. Well, I guess that was exactly what the 3 step plan’s coin.

The 3 step plan is a MLM company, which when you jump onto their website you are greeted by Andy Willoughby and his “hi, how in the world are you anyway” slogan. With little information in the website you are encouraged to leave your name, email and phone number in which you will have a representative call you back. When this does happen you learn that the 3 step plan is in fact endorsing a product called XanGo, a mangosteen super juice, and the person on the other line is a XanGo distributor quickly connecting you to a recorded sales message to send you your distributor package.

So the question on everyone’s mind is: How do you make money with the 3 Step Plan?

First off Like Most MLM companies you first must pay a membership and subscription fee. Which in this case is approximately $35, and with this fee you are entitled to buy the product at whole sale cost ($25 per Bottle) and you are expected to sell your bottles at approximately $38 each, and you have a requirement to buy at least a case per month to stay active in your membership.

In other words it will take a lot of bottles before you get rich, So you Better Start Selling!

Now the other option, and where the money is really made in a system like this, is not in the product, but in the Multi Level Marketing Opportunity. The goal is to recruit members into your “downline” and you would be awarded 5% of their total sales.

What’s different about this company is when you get lost in a sea of WHAT-DO-I-DO-NOW’s!? XanGo has a solution, for another $100-$500 of your hard earned money, you can buy leads from them.

Where do these Lead’s come from you ask? From the renowned “how in the world are you, anyways?” Ad’s of course! You have now just turned into that distributor talking to new prospects!

Multi Level Marketing is a very tricky animal, and when your at the top of the pyramid life is good. I mean, Life is REALLY good. But you have to work for it. MLM is not easy business, but a very profitable one. You must work long hard start up hours and invest and give full commitment and determination to your business. And the 3 Step Plan is no different, it does have the opportunity to be very lucrative, However Note that with the 3 Step Plan you will be required to fulfill costs to your membership fee, shipment costs, marketing materials, and spend quality time finding your customers and new distributors.

The 3 Step Plan really isn’t for everyone. However if you are looking for a turnkey business system, I must say that XanGo is a Canadian company, that does have a widely renowned reputation, that does provide leads for its representatives. Chalk one up in my books, it’s not a company that I myself would be interested in endorsing, but I have drank the juice, and it is very tasty..

If you are really keen on the idea of Making Money from Home, I suggest looking into a Marketing Mentoring program and really learn the trade of Marketing Online before you jump into a turnkey system blind. I’ve been a part of numerous MLM companies, which I must admit 98% of them have failed, its almost a necessity to have a strong education and a strong mentor working with you to achieve your success. It really is the difference between success and failure!

Source by Samantha Kerik

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