Holly Mann Honest Riches Review – Is This a Scam?

Honest Riches was written by Holly Mann, a mother and disabled veteran. She started internet marketing to supplement her income. After several requests she decided to write the Honest Riches ebook. This book teaches you how to successfully start an online affiliate business with little start up money. Several of the strategies mentioned are free. When Honest Riches was updated, Holly added more information and changed the name from Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed.

Here is a break down of what you will receive with Holly Mann Honest Riches:

Chapter 1:

This chapter is primarily for beginners. It explains how to pick a topic that will yield the fastest results and greatest chance of success by selecting a sub topic (niche). For example, if you are interested in cars, you might want to choose a niche on custom auto wheels.

The next topic is how to obtain information for free. Holly provides links to several free websites to improve your site’s ranking. Search engine optimization basics and domain name selection are explained. I wish that I would have read this book before picking my domain name. Your domain name is very important. Most people don’t give it enough thought.

Holly explains how to get inbound links by submitting articles. She gives you the actual links to the best sites. This is very helpful and will increase your search engine optimization. Keyword selection is the next topic. Holly provides links for several tools to help make setting up your website easier. Some are free.

She provides enough information to help the beginner get started on a budget. This chapter also explains how to see what your competitors are doing. The next section is about setting up a partnership if money is tight. A sample contract is attached.

Chapter 2:

This is a relatively short chapter on how to find content that will drive more people to your website for free. Links are provided to search for free content.

Chapter 3:

This chapter explains how to get a free website up in minutes. Holly explains how to set up your own free blog. She than provides some ideas on how to make money with blogs and how to improve your ranking. You don’t have to spend any money to get ranked on Google and other search engines. A free tool is provided to update your blog.

Chapter 4:

This chapter is about advertising your website. Links to free online advertising directories are provided. AdWords advertising is also briefly mentioned.

Chapter 5:

This chapter explains how to get free site traffic from Forums. This technique is completely free and has worked very well for Holly. She also explains how to start your own group or forum. Paid advertising is also mentioned here.

Chapter 6:

This chapter lists the top paying affiliate programs to sign up with. This is completely free. Holly provides information about each affiliate program. She also mentions a few of the highest paying affiliates to promote.

Chapter 7:

This chapter is about drop shipping and Wholesalers. A list of 6 droppshippers is provided.

Holly also provides a nice bonus tip for eBayers at the end.

Holly Mann’s Honest Riches teaches you how to successfully make money online with very little start up money. Holly gives you several methods that are totally free. This ebook is also very easy to understand. Everything is explained well.

Because I am always looking for free or very low cost advertising, I have used some of the techniques in Holly Mann Honest Riches, and they have worked very well for me. This is one of the best books to get you started if you are on tight budget. Holly has also added a free website and forum for anyone that purchases Honest Riches.

Source by William Miller

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