Grief and Loss Can Trigger the Question, Is There Life After Death?

Life is eternal, love is immortal and death is only a horizon. A horizon is nothing save the limits of our sight… R Worthington Raymond

When we are grieving, we seem to have a fundamental need to know if our loved ones are still ‘alive’ in some way. Grief and loss can trigger a strong drive to seek them out, a need to where they are now and if they are OK. Is there a direct line to them…somehow? How can we find it?

Our belief system dictates largely what we believe and how receptive we are to accepting information that may support the belief that yes, our loved ones are still there, even though we may not see, feel or hear them. We are either an emphatic yes or no or hovering in between, not really sure, but not totally dismissive either. Ultimately we will never know for sure until we too pass from this life, but there are many out there, myself included, who have a strong belief in eternal life, in some form.

In “Hello from Heaven”, Bill and Judy Guggenheim reveal the After-Death Communication experiences of more than 350 people. Based on a groundbreaking study over 7 years they detail the messages that were received and the incredibly positive impact that had upon many lives. I have spoken to many people who are grieving and almost without exception they talk of a strong belief that their loved ones continue to be present in their lives and communicate with them in some way after death.

I have read many books written by mediums as well as visiting many over the years. Each one of them has a different personality, a different approach but essentially their descriptions of the ‘afterlife’, if you like, and what happens after death are pretty much the same. Michael Newton, in his book “Journey of Souls”, details the results of ten years of his research in which he regresses his clients to a point between lives, after death, but before birth. Challenging and controversial it still supports the view that our existence is not limited to the physical body, but that our soul and the souls of those we love – live eternally.

In my own experience there have been many occasions when I have received messages from my son, which were, in my mind, irrefutable proof that he was still able to communicate with me and his soul lived on. I still had a connection with him. Even so, that doesn’t take away the hurt and pain of grief, the longing to see him again, to smell him, hold him and hear his voice. It is the physical presence of him that I miss and continue to miss each and every day. But it is my belief that he is still there, albeit in a very different way, that gives me the strength to keep on every day and do what I am doing knowing that he is still very much a part of my life.

What do you believe?

Source by Maureen Hunter

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