Global Warming Means no More French Wine!

Global Warming if it happens will mean that climates and regional weather will shift and therefore France will not be able to grow grapes and thus we will not have to put up with their arrogant public relations campaigns over how good that they think their wine is.

If this is true about Global Warming and Climate Change then I say bring it on and the faster the better. If this will insure that France can no longer grow grapes then this is a great thing for the United States wineries and a wonderful consideration. If indeed it is true that Global Warming means no more French wine, then lets take that as a sign from God that he is sick and tired of the French and their BS, their riots and their shady government corruptions like the Oil For Food Scandal.

The French lost their wine crops years back and they replanted them with California Stock. Now some believe that the wine has all to do with the genetics of the seeds and others believe it has to do with the strength of the soil, weather and abilities of the grower. Yet others believe it is all that and more. Personally I think the French Wine is way over rated and they are using California Stock now. So, shouldn’t you buy California Wine, save you money and let the French deal with Global Warming? Consider all this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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