Gay Seduction Guide For Dating Men Success – Uncover the Straights’ Secret

This is what a seduction guide for dating men success will tell you – understand what makes a straight guy tick and you will find your merry way into unzipping his pants.

The main obstacle into straight seduction is not exactly your gender preference, but his mind. if you want a taste of the peak from a straight guy, the key is to open his mind to the countless possibilities of pleasure he will experience once he decides to have sex with another man, even as a little experiment.

In his straight world, he is under a lot of pressure to perform according to standards – to be macho, and strive to be the alpha male. Use this to your advantage by telling him that an alpha male should be able to make another of his kind submit to him even in sexual pleasure, because of his superiority and his package’s dominance, and what more can be a show of this than when another male bows to your sexual authority?

Seduction guides for dating men success will tell you to stroke his ego so you will have the chance to stroke his bird. Ask him of his sexual fantasies and suggest that they remain a fantasy simply because a woman is not up to such a wild ride, but a man knows how to worship a peak because he also has one and he knows best! Every male should be entitled to experiment once in a while and unleash his sexual demons. Alpha males should get what they want.

Source by Johnny Butler

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