Fresh Alaska Seafood – Where Health and Taste (Finally) Collide

It is not uncommon to be conflicted between eating something that is “good” for you diet-wise and eating something that you know will taste delicious, but will go straight to your thighs and your arteries. Many Americans find themselves in this predicament every time they go to the grocery store or out to eat at a restaurant. Should you go for the creamy fettuccini alfredo, or the chef’s salad? Should you get the Belgian chocolate forest cake for desert, or the fruit salad? Should you buy the whole milk, or the skim milk?

Unfortunately, it is very rare that the worlds of health and taste intersect. Fresh, sustainable seafood is one of those rare matches, ad the Wild Alaska Seafood Congress of Conscious Chefs was formed in 2008 to help spread the word. The group is comprised of top chefs from around the country, who aim to show Americans simple ways to prepare healthful and delicious seafood in their own homes. From baking fish with a little butter or oil to using canned wild Alaska salmon to spice up a work-week salad, the Wild Alaska Seafood Congress of Conscious Chef is providing recipes that Americans can incorporate into their busy lives.

One of the best benefits of fresh seafood from Alaska is the fact that the state has strict environmental protections that ensure that the fishing industry remains sustainable. The Alaskan seaboard is one of the few places that is not overfished, which helps support the region’s biodiversity as well as the livings of the thousands who fish professionally in its waters. For Americans who are concerned about the environmental and moral impact of their food choices, the Wild Alaska Seafood Congress of Conscious Chef wants to show what a great option fresh Alaska seafood can be. Unlike the beef or chicken you can find at your local supermarket, which was probably pumped with antibiotics on a factory farm somewhere in the Midwest, Alaska seafood comes from the richness of nature’s bounty. You can taste the difference in freshness and flavor with every bite you take. Your health, your waistline, and your environment will thank you.

Source by Allie Moxley

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