Fortitude (Part 2) – Find Out Why Casters and Melee Characters Alike Want to Use This Armor

+25% Faster Cast Rate

One of the good reasons that a caster or Hammerdin (Paladin who uses the Blessed Hammer Skill as his primary attack) might want to make use of the Fortitude Runeword.

+300% Enhanced Damage

Good damage from a Weapon Runeword, but there are other Runewords out there that provide a bigger damage boost (Doom, Breath of the Dying, Grief, etc…)

All Resistances +25-30 (varies)

Irrespective whether you create this Runeword in armor or weapon, you get a nice bonus to All Resistances, which is always a very important to have in Diablo 2.

+200% Enhanced Defense

This is the one mode that offers a huge incentive for any player to use Fortitude.

It is a nice mod to have in a Fortitude body armor, but it would be an even better mod when it shows up in the Fortitude weapon you create.


When you create Fortitude in a body armor, the +200% Enhanced Defense applies to the Defense of the armor in question. However, if you create Fortitude in a Weapon, the +200% Enhanced Defense applies to Total Defense (body armor, plus helm, plus gloves, plus belts, plus boots, plus shield, etc).

20% Deadly Strike

Hit Causes Monster To Flee 25%

These two weapons appear in a Fortitude Weapon.

Deadly Strike in Diablo 2 gives your character an X% chance of dealing double damage.

The second mod isn’t very popular with melee characters, because most characters who engage in melee want the monster standing still, making it easier to hit. However, the Hit Causes Monster to Flee does find some popularity with builds that use ranged weapons, as they would need to keep the distance between them and their targets as big as possible.


Fortitude requires Lo, an extremely Rare Rune, but looking at the stats, it could be very worth its high asking price. Fortitude seems to be more powerful if used in a Weapon, as the bonus to Defense would then apply to Total Bonus, rather than just the bonus of a Fortitude body armor. Not only do you get a 200% Bonus to Total Defense when using a Fortitude weapon, but if the Chilling Armor triggers while in combat, you get another additional 115% Defense bonus, which should make your character very, very hard to hit.

Source by Dan Massicotte

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