Fix Credit Rating – How I Increased My Credit Score by 132 Points

Last year I need to fix my credit rating and I needed to do it fast. I used to have a very low credit score of 523 points and I could not get approved for a loan or a gas card.

I am not going to tell you some sad story about how I lost my job and all was lost. That would not be the truth. The truth of the matter is that I was so careless with my spending and the way in which I was using my credit cards. Even when I had money, I would still charge things on my credit card.

If you know anything about credit cards, you know how easy it is to get a card once you have established yourself with a few of the top credit card companies. Well, my ex and I started applying for and receiving all kinds of credit cards. Back then we just figured that we could handle the minimum payments each month. You do not realize at first that even thought the payment maybe less than twenty bucks, you get several bills like that each month and it adds up quickly.

Before we knew it we had close to twenty-five thousand dollars worth of credit card debt. And let me tell you that it do not take long to get that deep into the hole with credit cards. The credit card companies are very smart people and they know how to play on our greed and wants. You start getting “you are approved” applications in the mail every month and eventually you will fill them out and get a credit card.
My ex and I got divorced several years ago, and it took me some time to get my act together. But one of the things I never said was “my ex messed up my credit”. Trust me it was a joint effort messing up our credit. I did not blame anyone but myself for the situation I was in and I knew I had to do something to change my situation.

My credit union had a credit and budget management class and I took it and it helped me, but my credit rating was just getting worse. Then one day, I stumble upon this site about how to boost your credit score in 37 days or less. The site claimed it could help you raise your credit score by 135 points in 37 days or less and it only cost $37.00 bucks.

I figured it is only $37.00 dollars why not give it a try. Bottom line is the program worked for me and I was able to raise my credit score by 132 points. The best part for me was that I was able to delete so many late payments from my credit reports. This really helped me when I got my new job and I need to move into an apartment near my new job. I was nervous that the apartment folks would run a credit check and deny my application, but they told me that my credit was great.

Now that I got my credit rating up and I was able to fix my credit rating, I will never be stupid with credit cards again.

Source by Derris Templton

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