Factors Responsible For Infertility and Impotency in Astrology

Infertility is the inability to produce offspring while impotence is a state of sexual dysfunctions or dysfunctions of the reproductive system. These conditions may be present in one or both partner. Genetic, drugs, hormonal, lifestyle, poor health, psychological, and defective genitalia are factors responsible for impotence, infertility and sterility in the native.

Factors responsible for infertility and impotence

Moon: mental strength, movement of vital forces in the body like body’s fluids, blood and lymph. Female reproductive functions pregnancy, nursing, menopause, primary indicator of fertility

Mars: acute illness, elevated body metabolism, venereal diseases

Sun: denotes constitutional vigour and metabolism

Venus: reproductive organs, sexual activities

Saturn: chronicle diseases, weakening metabolic powers, retention and deposits of toxins, sluggish function of body parts, hypo functioning of endocrine glands, coldness, and obstruction

Sign Libra: indicates sexual pleasures, generative organs 7th house: sensuous enjoyment, sex desires, private organs, health of the partner

Ascendant: general mental and physical abilities

Combinations for infertility

· Sun in even sign and moon in odd sign related to each other

· Saturn in even sign and mercury in odd sign related to each other

· Sun in even sign and mars in odd sign related to each other

· Ascendant and moon both in odd sign and are affected by mars posited in the even sign

· Moon in odd sign and mercury in even sign, both aspected by the Mars

· Venus, Moon, ascendant are in male signs

· Venus in 6th/8th/12th/house or with 6th lord induces infertility in the native

· Lords of 6th and ascendant are with Mercury and Rahu, shows problem in generative parts

· Venus in 7th house aspected/associated by Saturn and Mars, infertility is indicated.

· Ascendant is in 6th house and lord’s of the 6th house is with Mercury, the native will be infertile.

· Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in the 8th house indicates infertility

· Mars is in 7th house aspected by Saturn

· Mars and Saturn are situated together in the 7th house

· Mercury join ascendant in association with the lords of the 6th and 8th indicates the native may suffer from incurable sexual diseases resulting in infertility.

Combinations for Impotence

· Mars in Libra indicates problems to sexual organs, displeasure in the bed.

· Mars and Sun / Mars and Rahu in Libra indicate disturbed pleasure and disease in generative organs.

· 4 planets in Libra indicates sexual incompetency

· Weak and afflicted Venus in 7th house indicates either wife will be barren or husband may be impotent

· Mars with a malefic posited in 7th house indicates impotency caused by urinary system

· Saturn and Venus in 8th/10th with no benefice aspect induces impotency

· Saturn in depression in 6th or 12th house

· Saturn is 6th/12th from Venus

· Saturn is posited 12th from the Venus

· Moon in Libra aspected by Mars, Rahu, and Saturn, the native will be impotent

· Ascendant in its own house and aspecting Venus being posited in 7th house indicates impotency

· Moon and Saturn posited in 4th or 10th from Mars indicates impotency

· Lord of 6th house is associated with Mercury and Rahu and ascendant’s lord is related to them in any way

· 6th lord, Mars and Saturn posited in Gemini/Virgo ascendant, only the male partner will be impotent

· The lord of 7th joins the 6th house with Venus indicates native’s wife will be frigid

· 6th lord posited in Gemini/Virgo ascendant and aspected / associated by Mercury indicates both partner will be impotent




Source by Geeta Jha

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