Factors Responsible For Enormous Wealth and Prosperity in the Horoscope of GD Birla

Shri Ghanshyam Das or popularly known as “G.D.” Birla (April 10, 1894 – June 11, 1983) was an Indian businessman and a member of the influential Birla family. Ghanshyam Das Birla, a doyen and a chief architect of Indian’s industrial growth. He was the man who laid the foundations of the Birla Empire and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). He is also popularly known as the builder of Birla Mandirs [temples].

Horoscope of G.D. Birla [D.B: 15.4.1894, place: Pilani, time: 3.35 a.m.]

Ascendant: Aquarius

1st house: Venus

2nd house: Mercury [debilitated] and Rahu

3rd house: Sun [exalted]

4th house: Jupiter [in quadrant]

6th house: Moon [own sign]

8th house: Ketu

9th house: Saturn [exalted]

12th house: Mars [exalted]

Astro Analysis of Different Aspects of G.D. Birla’s Life


· Ascendant is Aquarius, lord of ascendant is Saturn which is retrograde and exalted in 9th house.

· A very strong Raja-yoga is formed, by the exchange of houses by the lords of 1st and 9th houses. Native was born with the silver spoon in his mouth.

· Generally the Aquarians are spiritual and very intuitive in nature. They are pure in heart and always inclined to help others. Having magnetic personality, which endears them to all they come in contact with.

· Ascendant is in the constellation of Rahu and the placement of Venus in it indicates the foreign connections and frequent foreign trips.

Long life-span

· G.D.Birla lived a long life of 90 years

· Saturn [significator of longevity] as the lord of ascendant is being posited in 9th house making powerful raja yoga.

· Lord of 8th and Jupiter are aspecting the 8th house [house of longevity]

· Exalted Sun in 3rd house [house of longevity] and the lord of 3rd Mars is also exalted

· Saturn is very powerful

Powerful Mangalik dosha

· Mars is posited 12th from the ascendant and the Venus, 7th from the Moon, making a powerful Mangalik dosha in the horoscope.

· Due to this dosha his two wives died, before he completed his 32 years. Then onward approximately to the age of 90 he lived a lonely life.

Multiple marriages and Deaths of wives

· If 2nd house and its lord from ascendant/Moon are very powerful but severely influenced by the Mars then the, natives wife will die prematurely.

· If the lords of ascendant and 7th are in conjunction or aspect with each other, the native will have more than one wife

· In G.D. Birla’s horoscope the Sun as the lord of 2nd house from the Moon, is in exaltation but 2nd house/lord from the Moon are badly afflicted by the Mars.Further lords of ascendant and 7th aspects each others, indicates multiple marriages

Acquainting enormous wealth and prosperity

In the Aquarius ascendant the Jupiter is the, chief planet of wealth and prosperity being the lord of 2nd [wealth] and 11th [income]

Laxmi yoga [powerful wealth yoga]

· Moon and mars are related by aspect or conjunction

· In the horoscope, Moon in 6th and Mars in 12th aspects each other, making a powerful wealth yoga

Sasa yoga

· Sasa yoga is formed if Saturn occupies a quadrant from ascendant /Moon and being in its own/exaltation sign

· One born in this yoga will be head of a village or a town or even a king. If the Saturn occupies 4th place, then the native will be a head of a very successful business empire.

· In the G.D. Birla’s horoscope the exalted Saturn is occupying the 4th house form the Moon.

Ruchaka yoga

· Mars should be occupying quadrant from the Ascendant/Moon in its own/exalted sign.

· Person born with Ruchaka yoga will be a famous, king or equal to king, charitable disposition, wealthy, long-lived, and conforming to traditions and customs

· In the horoscope of G.D Birla, the exalted Mars is placed 7th from the Moon. In his youth he was well interested in wrestling. He donated ample amount of money for social causes

Parijatha yoga

· The lord of sign in which the lord of ascendant is posited shall join a quadrant/trine/ or own/exaltation sign.

· Due to his yoga, the native will remain happy in the middle and last parts of life, receiving the homage of kings and rulers; he will be famous and generous.

· In the Birla’s horoscope the, ascendant lord Saturn is placed in the sign Libra, whose lord Venus is being posited in the ascendant [quadrant].

Wealth acquired though lottery and shares market

· Lords of 2nd [wealth] and 8th [shares market, lottery, etc] exchanges each other houses

· The native will get enormous money by share market and lottery

· In the Birla’s horoscope the lord of 2nd and 8th exchanges each other’s houses.

Neech bhang Raj yoga

· The lord of the sign being occupied by a debilitate planet, is posited in quadrant from the ascendant /Moon

· The status of the native will be equivalent to a rulers or a king

· In this horoscope the Mercury is in a debilitate sign [Pisces] but the lord of the sign, Jupiter is placed in quadrant from the ascendant.




Source by Geeta Jha

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