Expert Kyani Review – Is Kyani a Credible Company and Should You Join?

If you’re looking for a network marketing company to join and you’re into nutritional products, then chances are you’ve taken a look at Kyani. In this expert review, I will go into information about Kyani, the products they market, the compensation plan that is available for their distributors and, most importantly, whether or not it is just another pyramid scam.

The Background Of Kyani

Kyani is involved in the Health and Wellness Industry. As a person looking into a business opportunity, it’s important to take note that the Health and Wellness Industry is predicted to be the next $1 billion industry. Now, while this fact alone is not going to guarantee that you will be successful, it is assuring to know that you will be participating in a fast growing and exploding industry. One of the biggest reasons that the Health Industry is growing so fast is because the Baby Boomers are hitting their 60s and are looking for health-related products to help them feel and look younger. This Baby Boomer section of the population is where Kyani focuses their marketing.

Kyani was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The Kyani co-founders are made up of three very successful Idaho families (the Powells, Hansens and the Taylors). It’s rumored that these three families were able to fund Kyani with their own cash, to the tune of $300 million. With that kind of backing, it’s easy to see how Kyani has been able to grow in such a quick manner. On top of that, CEO Michael Breshears, who is leading the company has a tremendous background in business, is active with the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and has taken other companies to $200 million. It’s also important to note that the founders, along with Breshears, really have a long-term vision for the company, which is to grow Kyani to a multi-million dollar giant in the network marketing industry.

Currently, Kyani is a privately held company and has operations in North America, Europe and Asia. While the company was originally founded in 2005, it wasn’t until 2008 that company started to gain momentum, largely because it shifted it’s focus and started to proactively go after seasoned network marketers to bring on-board. In my opinion, it was a very smart move for them, and the growth in revenue is also proof that they made a good decision to do this.

The Products

Unlike other nutritional network marketing companies that offer hundreds of products, Kyani offers three nutritional products in it’s product line. These three products are:

1. Kyani Sunrise – A vitamin rich, nutritional beverage made from Alaskan blueberries, which are very strong antioxidants.

2. Kyani Sunset – An omega-3 supplement made from Wild Alaskan sock-eyed salmon.

3. Nitro FX – A noni-based, nitric oxide product that is said to defend and repair every cell of the body, aid in blood flow and increase overall energy.

While there are many people who swear by these products, it’s important to do your due diligence on them and read some of the research on the products. With that said, the Kyani Medical Advisory Board includes three very distinguished doctors that have extensive knowledge on the power of nitix oxide, the antioxidant potency of Alaskan blueberries and tocotrienols, one of the key components of Kyani Sunset.

The Compensation Plan

You can get started in Kyani three different ways, with enrollment fees ranging from $160 to $1,250. Along with your start-up cost, there is also a monthly backoffice fee and a monthly autoship requirement of about $150.

The major theme of Kyani’s compensation plan is the ability to build long-term residual income through distributor autoship. But there also several other ways you can get paid including: Matching checks, Fast Start Bonuses, Sponsor Bonuses, Leadership Pools, Car Program and Incentive Trips.

The bulk of Kyani’s growth has come from distributors doing home presentations and some weekly hotel meetings in select marketplaces across the country. There isn’t much of a platform do to a lot inf internet marketing, so as long as you’re OK with contacting your friends and family, or putting together your own capture pages, you should be OK with their model.

As far as support goes, they do provide many conference calls and national conventions several times a year. The only drawback is because Kyani is such a young company, you may not have much local live support. And while opening up a new city might look attractive, you won’t have the benefit of having weekly meetings or local leaders to help you do live presentations.

Is Kyani A Scam?

One thing is for sure, Kyani is most definitely not a scam. It’s a growing company that has a tremendous amount of funding and has a good management team leading the company. It also has good products with a solid compensation plan. If you’re searching for a network marketing company that markets nutritional products, then Kyani may be just what you’re looking for.

However, simply joining a company like Kyani will not guarantee you success. Unless you can brand yourself and generate leads, you will be dead in the water and probably end up with a garage full of product with not much to show for it. My advice is to use a marketing system that can accomplish these two things at the same time. If you can do this, you can be fast on your way to building a very profitable Kyani business.

Source by Jaime Soriano

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