Energy Source Is A World Environmental Issue

You must have heard of an energy crisis. This crisis refers to the rate of depletion of non-renewable resources of energy. Non-renewable energy resources cannot reproduce on their own and they take a lot of time to get replenished. The rate of depletion of these resources is greater than the rate of their replenishment. As a result, a time will come in future when inhabitants of the earth will have no non-renewable energy resource to back up their day-to-day energy needs.

This makes just one part of the whole scenario. Rapid consumption of energy resources has effects other than the sustainability of these resources. Drilling and mining of different finite resources of energy results in environmental pollution. This pollution can be in any form. It can be air pollution, land pollution, and water pollution.

Some scientists argue that fuels of carbon origin are impossible to exhaust in full. They will remain usable to provide energy in one form or another. Others argue that these resources will diminish with time.

Important energy resources in the form of fossil fuels are coal, gas, and oil. Out of these, oil has been proved as the most efficient and most valuable resource in the field of energy.

However, continued use of these fuels is contributing to the most dangerous environmental problem which is global warming. Drilling of oil poses a greater threat to the environment than the mining of coal mines. The machinery used and the procedure implied in oil field drilling is a lot more sophisticated than mining in a natural scenario in coal mines. This results in an environmental impact of drilling when it is compared with coal mining.

There can be a number of threats these oil drilling projects pose to wildlife. Studies have shown that wildlife migration routes have changed due to the development of oil and gas fields. Moreover, this aspect of life on earth is affected by a change in the level of noise in the environment that has resulted from these fields.

Oil spills have unavoidable consequences in the development of the oil field and have been hazardous to the environment. These oil spills create long-lasting effects on the health of individuals living on the planet.

Due to the huge demand of energy, oil, and gas fields’ development and maintenance has become inevitable. This means increased number of oil fields. Toxic chemicals from these fields, haze, and dust make an intensively adverse effect on the environment. In some areas of America, these wastes make the air so polluted that it has converted into ozone at ground level.

To supply the everyday demand of energy, new projects are being initiated. These projects mean increased use of sky-high machinery, which in turn disrupts the scenic view of the sky at nights.

The contribution of methane to environmental pollution is also very important. This gas is 84 folds more harmful to the environment than other gasses that are produced from oil drilling. This gas helps in global warming by trapping more heat.

Source by E. Kenney

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