DTMMS Publications Now Available To The Public

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS) has produced many publications on topics such as spiritual living, dreaming and mystical symbology. Below are just of the some publications available online for the general public. As a non-profit organization, the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS) brings together spiritual seekers from around the world who are interested in awakening the potential for an enlightened planet. DTMMS is the parent organization of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

Shamanic Wheels and Keys Volume 1: The Teachings of the Twisted Hairs Elders of Turtle Island is a rich introduction to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path teachings. This manual examines the interrelationship between all forms of life on the planet. The teachings are structured in a format called “Wheels and Keys,” which provides an illuminating and enlightening way to acquire knowledge. Humans have unlimited potential to bring beauty and excellence to their experience of life in ways that benefit all. This manual shows readers how to expand their awareness of what is possible through teachings, ceremonies and practical applications.

Course of Studies Modules: Find Knowledge that Works

The Human Flower Tree: The Luminous Egg Cocoon (Part 1 and 2) describes in detail the developmental and evolutionary stages of human beings. Readers will gain insights on how the unskilled and uninformed actions of past civilizations have contributed to today’s negative perceptions of humanity. These manuals challenge that perception by providing an enlightening and positive view of the human being and ancient understandings of the human body is revealed. Read these manuals to learn about the “energetic body” of humans, develop abilities to see the invisible and discover how humans evolve from infancy through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Additionally, these manuals provides tools, techniques and practical applications to speed up self-growth and maturity.

The Thirty Sacred Laws (Parts 1, 2 and 3) are books that explore in great depth the Universal and Cosmic Laws, the Magickal Laws, and the Ecological Balance Laws. These laws contain sacred facts that have proven their validity through the test of time. These publications relate modern theories of science to mystical understandings of the universe.

The publications of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS) are designed to address the specific needs of humans to gain empowering knowledge. The goal of these publications are to provide all people with knowledge that will facilitate their learning and growth as spiritual beings.

Course of Studies: The Art of Controlled Dreaming

The Art of Controlled Dreaming discusses a shamanic approach to dreaming. Readers will learn what dreams are made of, the different types of dreaming and physical practices to improve dreamtime, dream symbology and an indigenous history of dreaming. The manual introduces techniques that will help people learn how to influence recall their dreams and heighten their ability for dream interpretation. These are specialized skills that are user-friendly, and have been used practiced by shamans and mystics to dream into existence the things they desire.

Source by Heidi Thompson

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